The Peace Of Wild Things

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The Peace Of Wild Things

A distressed-looking elderly lady in a white robe with a fireman's coat thrown over it, and ashy marks all over her face, wanders down the hall. Carter offers to help her, and she explains that she's lost her husband. Carter asks her if she was in the fire. Hmm, let's see. Ash on face. Borrowed fireman's coat. I'd say you've cracked this case wide open, Hercule Duh-rot. In answer to his question, the woman answers that her husband's name is Barry, and she was following him down the hall, and "they went so fast!" Cheerily, Carter says, "Let's go find him!"

In one of the trauma rooms, Mark and his posse are working on an old man. Carter says that he found Mark's patient's wife's in the hall, and asks if she can come in. Confidently, Mark says that she can, and asks Carter if he's free. Carter says he is, and Mark says that Carter can take Barry since Mark has two patients at the moment. He starts to bring Carter up to speed, and Mrs. Barry says, "Barry, I'm right here." Barry is having trouble breathing. The doctors ask him to sit up, and Mrs. Barry says that he can't lift himself. They help him up to a sitting position while he continues to struggle for breath; when he sees Mrs. Barry standing at the end of the bed, he smiles, and she smiles back. Aw. It seems that Barry has "wet crackles bilaterally"; Mark gives Carter some more instructions, and leaves.

Another old woman -- this one seventy-eight years old, with rheumatoid arthritis and a contusion to the left thigh -- is brought in from the ambulance bay with Carol following close behind. She walks up to Gabriel "Hawkeye" Lawrence, who remarks that he "should have had that third cup of coffee this morning." Carol asks what's going on. Weaver yells an explanation, then asks Hawkeye to go supervise the residents, and Carol to take over the desk.

In one of the exam rooms, Dave "Dr. Dave" Malucci is examining an elderly patient while Haleh stands by. He says there are no physical signs of smoke inhalation, but that "she's still short of breath and hypoxic." Haleh, sounding like she's running out of patience, updates him on her pulse ox. Dr. Dave gives the patient one of those breathing tube deals and expresses confusion at what the problem could be. Haleh asks if he wants her to go get Mark, and Dr. Dave defensively answers, "No!" Haleh says, "You appreciate the coarse rhonchi at the right base?" Dr. Dave checks it out, and says, "She's got pneumonia." Very sarcastically, Haleh says, "Not much gets by you, does it, Dr. Dave?" Dr. Dave starts to order tests, and Haleh completes the sentence before he can, handing him the chart to sign. Dr. Dave smiles ruefully. Okay, when Jackie gets her own show, I want Haleh to be her funny neighbour.

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