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Jake, Abby, and Sam are putting in a chest tube. Abby supervises while Jake inserts. And if you think that was a double entendre, wait until the rest of the scene. The whole thing somehow turns into some sort of sexy-sexy thing with fingers being inserted and whatnot. It's gross, and poor Sam has to witness the whole thing. Sam spots Neela talking to Luka and asks, "Somebody put something in the water today?"

Luka corrects Neela's trauma report, and then returns it to her. As she starts to leave, he says awkwardly, "I hope I didn't give you the wrong impression. You're a resident and I'm an Attending." Neela tries to shut him up quickly and end this nightmare by stuttering that she understands. She runs out. Luka turns and sees Sam glaring at him from the next room. Shut up, Sam.

Neela goes to check on Angela, who is getting dialysis. And hey, it's the same dialysis tech that Abby called in on Christmas Eve! Nice continuity. Neela tells Patty that Angela's potassium levels are getting lower. Patty says that Graham went to work at his second job, which he got just to pay for everything, and that nothing means more to him than Angela's getting well. Patty cries a little and says that Angela's illness changed Graham and ruined their marriage. Neela says it's important to stay optimistic, and that a lot of good things could still happen. Even Neela looks like she doesn't really believe that.

Susan marches through Admit and announces an incoming MVC. Carter says that he and Shane will take it. Shane asks what an MVC is, and Susan says it's a Motor Vehicle Collision; they aren't allowed to use MVA anymore, because "there's no such thing as an accident."

Henry runs up to Carter and asks to talk. Henry says that he was aware of the potential for toxicity in Zorictal, but it was only one case report in an obscure journal. Carter suggests "a simple Medline search." Henry thinks that's unrealistic and adds that he has twenty patients on the drug who are all doing well. Carter wonders if the drug company is paying Henry something. Henry admits that he's given a stipend for reporting on the progress of the drug. Carter chuckles that it sounds like a malpractice suit waiting to happen. Henry insists that it's fine, and that he's helping to monitor a new drug, but Carter thinks the company only looks at the data they like and discards the rest.

Carter and Henry end up in the ambulance bay, waiting for the MVC to show up. Unbeknownst to them, Graham is standing nearby, listening in on their conversation. Their argument continues in the same vein, where Carter is all anti-drug company and Henry is defending himself. Shane walks up and points out Graham standing nearby. Who knew Shane would end up being the most sensitive person in any scene, ever? Carter walks over to Graham and says hello. Graham has changed into his security officer uniform, and he's clearly losing it. His mind, not the uniform. He says that he was going to work, and wondered what the point was. The doctors notice that Graham is holding a gun and slowly back away. Henry tells Graham to put the gun away. Graham cries, "I put everything in your hands. Everything. And you let her down." Henry tries to give Graham the company line about Angela's living a long, productive life on dialysis. Graham points the gun at Henry and asks why he shouldn't shoot him. Carter says soothingly that they should go inside and see Graham's family. Graham starts sobbing and lets the gun drift down. He tells Carter that he wants to give his kidney to Angela. Carter nods and says okay -- that he might have been wrong about that. Graham knows he's lying, mostly because that was the most unconvincing delivery ever. Graham asks Carter to fix his daughter. Carter turns to Henry and Shane to try to get them to agree that they'll fix Angela, and while his head is turned, Graham puts the gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger. I, unfortunately, read the episode thread before I actually watched the episode, so I was spoiled for that moment. But I don't think I would have seen it coming. I would have been too excited about the possibility of seeing Shane West get shot. Or realistically, I would have thought Henry would be shot.

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