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The Providers

Graham is in Trauma Green. Neela tries to intubate, but there's too much blood. Monitors are beeping all over the place. Carter asks someone to find Patty, and orders someone else to block Angela's view of her father's trauma, even though Angela is asleep now. Dubenko reports that gray matter is all over the place (except he says that using medical terminology), and that the pupils are fixed and dilated. Shane wonders why Graham would do this, and Henry says that he was distraught. Neela reports that there is no gag reflex, and Dubenko sticks a swab in Graham's eye and reports that there's no corneal reflex either. Dubenko concludes, "He's as brain dead as they come."

A nurse brings Patty over, and Carter heads out to talk to her. Henry stops him and says that he wants to do it. He heads out into the hall, and we don't hear what he says, but we see Patty starts screaming and crying. Sam reports that the transplant coordinator has arrived. Everyone looks sober as Henry holds Patty up in the hallway.

The transplant coordinator tells Carter that UNOS are the only ones that can approve this transplant. Carter explains that Angela has a rare blood type, and that Graham is a perfect match. The coordinator promises to try her best, and tells Carter to keep Angela and Graham on standby for transplant.

Weaver deals with some reporters by screeching at them to get out, and castigating them for letting their paper endorse Bush. And while I wholeheartedly agree with Weaver's political leanings, that seemed more than a little out of place. Susan wonders what could go wrong next, and Weaver reports that someone has to go talk to the press. Like, I don't know, the hospital's media relations person? Or someone from the public relations office? I do know that in a delicate situation like this, no major institution would ever let anyone without media training talk to the press. And yet, Susan suggests that Carter, known loose cannon, take care of it. She reminds him to say that they are respecting the privacy of the family and can't release any details. Carter isn't excited about the idea, but does it anyway.

Neela and Sam care for Graham in the darkest room outside of Luka's apartment. Neela asks if they need to talk, and Sam insists that they don't. Neela tries to explain why she fell for Luka, and ends up saying, "I got confused." Sam chuckles and allows, "I get confused every time I look at him." She changes the subject by asking if Neela worked on the Chase family. Neela did. Sam says she's sorry.

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