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The Providers

Carter writes something on the board. Henry walks up and reports that the transplant surgery is underway. He hesitates, and then says that he can't take responsibility for the way the system works, but that he can try to do his job better. Carter says lightly that it's all anybody can do. Henry adds that he shouldn't have been surprised to find Carter still at County, and I think that was supposed to be a compliment. Carter hopes they see each other again under more favorable circumstances. Henry thinks Carter was always good to him when he was a student. They shake hands and Henry leaves. Carter watches him walk out. Susan stomps up and reports that Anspaugh wants to see them in his office in the morning. Carter sincerely says, "If any of this rolls back onto you, I'm sorry." Susan half smiles and leaves.

Carter heads over to a curtain area to do some sutures on an older black man. Hey, he's old and he's black, so I bet he has some wisdom to impart! Because while older black women like to sing about Jesus, older black men like to tell some home truths and folksy yarns. Anyway, this dude had severe arthritis, but thanks to some wonder drug, now he can cross-country ski. And I appreciate the effort to be even-handed, but they didn't also have to be ham-handed.

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