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The Providers

Carter orders Neela to post something on various medical newsgroups asking if anyone else has seen evidence that Zorictal causes kidney damage. Neela opines that it might "cause a bit of a stir." Carter realizes she's right, and tells her to "ask for any information that might help [them] determine the best course of treatment."

Carter pushes into the family room, where Graham and Patty are arguing over whether the Zorictal is to blame for Angela's condition. Henry thinks there are other options. Carter says they're setting Angela up for dialysis, and he called UNOS to get Angela put back on the transplant list. Henry thinks it's premature, and explains to the Chases that they could do a biopsy to see if it's a case of organ rejection (which could be reversed with more drugs) instead of kidney failure (which would require a transplant). Graham wants to do the biopsy, and Carter reluctantly agrees and asks to speak to Henry outside.

Carter waits until they are well away from the Chase family and then fills Henry in on Neela's research. Henry defends the drug, saying that if there were any real risk, the FDA wouldn't have approved it. Carter chuckles condescendingly and brings up Vioxx. Henry continues to sing the praises of Zorictal. Haleh tells Carter that dialysis is ready. Carter asks her to page Dubenko to do a biopsy, and then tells Henry in his faux-jovial voice that he hopes Henry is right, and that it's not kidney failure. Henry says he wants to be certain, and then says he's surprised that Carter is still working in the ER, because he thought Carter would have moved on by now. Carter mumbles that he's "just a masochist that way," and Haleh smirks. Carter says he thought Henry was going into research. Henry says he got tired of it. Carter thinks Henry was good at it. Henry says he's married with two kids, which changed his priorities. Carter asks if he's talking about money, which seems like kind of an obtrusive question. Henry admits that his practice offers him three times the salary of an academic position. Haleh eyeballs him, like, "Child, you did NOT just say that to someone who is currently in an academic position, namely Carter." Yes, Haleh can say all that by moving her eyes slightly. She's that good. Henry asks Carter if he has a family. Carter says briefly, "Not yet." Haleh gives him a look like, "I'm sorry this guy is a dillweed." Carter promises to find Henry when Dubenko arrives and claps him on the back. As soon as Carter turns to walk away, his face falls and the faux-joviality is gone. It was a nice moment by Noah Wyle, whose acting choices I don't always like.

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