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The Providers

Next door in Trauma Green, Shane explains to Dubenko that the patient needs a head CT, and Dubenko starts wheeling him upstairs. Neela his finished her procedure and the patient is stable. Everyone clears out, leaving Neela and Luka alone. Neela starts to say something, then seems to change her mind, and instead remarks upon the swiftness of the transfusion. Luka responds tersely and practically runs out of the room.

Carter asks Henry why he recommended Zorictal. Henry says he heard a lecture at Northwestern, and Carter thinks the lecturer was on the drug company payroll. They continue debating as Graham runs up and asks if he can donate his other kidney to his daughter if she needs one. Henry explains that he would have to be on dialysis for life. Graham knows. Carter doesn't think it would be ethical for them to perform such an operation on him. Graham asks if it's possible. Carter says that no doctor would agree to do it, and he seems to be almost laughing about it, like, way to take your patient's concerns seriously, dude. Henry says that he knows Graham is scared, but that they should wait for the biopsy results first. Graham agrees, but doesn't seem satisfied.

Lily walks up and hands Carter a fax from an area doctor. It's a generic letter from the Zorictal drug company. Carter reads it and says that there have been "isolated cases of renal failure on Zorictal." Henry already knows, and also knows that it recommends monthly monitoring, which he did. Carter is shocked that Henry already knew. Henry says every doctor got one, and he followed the recommendations. Carter can't believe Henry is pretending it might be organ rejection when he knows otherwise, and Henry says he's still hoping for organ rejection.

Weaver and Susan show up and pull Carter aside to ream him for posting publicly about the Zorictal issue. Carter says he just asked for information. Weaver says he's created a kafuffle, and he's jumping to conclusions based on skimpy evidence. Carter points out that Angela needs a new kidney, but Weaver continues to defend the research. Weaver and Carter continue to raise their voices at each other while Susan listens and looks uncomfortable. Weaver babbles on about clinical trials and the FDA while Carter screams, "Are you telling me how to do my job? Are you TELLING ME how to DO MY JOB?!?" Susan tries to get them to shut up, and finally Weaver realizes that they are creating a scene, and pulls Carter into the drug lockup. She orders him to choose a bottle. He picks one at random, and Weaver talks about how many lives that drug has saved. She picks up a few other bottles and goes over the effects they have on people's lives. Susan quietly says that Carter gets it, and Carter angrily agrees. Weaver speechifies that the drugs save lives, and that the manufacturing companies donate a lot of money to the hospital. Carter asks if it's okay to suppress negative test results. Weaver doesn't think that's what happened here, and says that no advancement comes without experimentation. Carter thinks she's being naïve. Weaver says forcefully, "Your job is to take care of your patients, not start a crusade." Susan rubs her temple. Weaver walks out and tells Susan to keep Carter under control. Susan looks at him archly and says, "No more computer access for you!" Carter punches the door because he is a MAN! I hate when I agree with a character philosophically, and yet he annoys me so much that I'm forced to go against him.

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