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Neela and Abby are at the Jumbo Mart. Is that even what it's called, or did I just make that up? You know what? I don't care. Anyway, Neela is complaining about how idiotic she felt for mooning over Luka that way. Abby thinks Neela's crush is weird. Neela argues that crushes are, by nature, idealized and unrealistic. Abby reminds Neela of her crush on her instructor that ended up in S-E-X. Neela says dryly, "My God, you're right. It's a pattern. I'm a slut for authority." I love when Neela is sarcastic. Neela asks Abby about Jake, and Abby denies that there's anything going on. They realize that Neela's hung up on her supervisor and Abby's hung up on her subordinate, and Abby comments that she is the "yin to [Neela's] yang." Neela wonders what they should do, and Abby suggests that they ignore it and hope it goes away. She concludes (not believing it herself), "Denial works!"

Luka tells Sam to administer a drug to a patient. Sam, who is running around with an armload of charts, snarls at him that she'll get to it later. Carter asks if Angela's biopsy results are in yet, and Sam says more kindly that Dubenko is on his way down. Neela walks in and asks about some more test results, and Sam bitches that they've been sent off, and runs out of Admit. Wow, she's pleasant to work with. Luka watches her go and sighs. Break up with her! You don't make each other happy! You don't even like each other! She's not that pretty and she's not that special!

Dubenko presents the results of the biopsy to Carter -- Angela has kidney failure due to drug toxicity, and she needs a new kidney. Dubenko asks Carter if he's really been posting shit about Zorictal on the internet; Carter says he was just trying to be thorough. Dubenko advises Carter, "Don't piss off the money people."

Carter and Dubenko enter Trauma Yellow and deliver the bad news to the Chase family. Graham makes sure he understands that it's not rejection. Henry says that the kidney is irreversibly damaged. Graham asks if it's because of the Zorictal. Henry suggests that it could be another drug she's been taking, but Dubenko shoots him down. Graham really wants to drive home how badly this sucks: "So this drug that I've been working two jobs to pay for, just to make her life better, has ruined her donated kidney." Yep, now we're all caught up. Patty cries silently next to him. Graham wonders why Henry didn't warn them about this, and Henry insists that it couldn't have been anticipated. Patty asks if they're back to waiting for a donor, and Carter says that UNOS will prioritize Angela. Graham shouts that it will take three or four years to find a kidney donor. Henry, the master of poor timing, recommends that they have a surgeon down to install a forearm shunt to make dialysis easier. Yeah, that's just what her parents want to decide right now. Graham yells that Angela will be on dialysis all through high school and college. Carter tries to suggest that they could get lucky with a kidney donor. Graham reminds him that they never found one the first time, because Graham donated his kidney. Everyone is silent. Graham stares at Henry and says, "We have given up a lot. Made a lot of sacrifices. You told me this drug was worth it." Henry looks like he's going to start sobbing like his wife just won a Golden Globe or something.

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