The Show Must Go On

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The Show Must Go On

Abby walks in and gets the bullet from Chuny. Basically, Preggo's blood pressure is high, and the baby's heart rate dropped during contractions. Abby introduces herself to Nick and says that she used to work in OB. Abby heads for the baby as Baby Daddy and Preggo explain that the baby is a girl and her name is Janis. Abby explains what she's doing as another contraction hits and they all encourage Preggo to push. Nothing happens, delivery-wise. The contraction ends and Abby quietly asks Chuny if OB ever called back. Chuny saysthat they are stuck in the OR and will be another seven minutes. Abby checks the readout and asks where Luka is. Chuny doesn't know, and offers to page him again. Abby grabs a student and tells him to run to Ike Ryan's and bring Luka back. Abby grabs a scalpel and says that they can't wait, because of the dropping heart rate. Darlene can't believe that Abby is doing a C-section by herself. Do people never learn not to discuss how stupid a particular procedure is in front of the patients? Lawsuit!

Luka finishes whipping Carter's ass in pool. Oh my God, this is the lamest party ever. Luka just made a joke about goat testicles. Pratt decides it's time to leave. Haleh nudges KJ, who's sitting there pouting and wearing his headphones. Pratt says goodbye to Carter and they leave. Haleh asks Carter if he's prepared a toast, and everyone agrees that he needs to make one. Carter says he needs to "lick [his] wounds first" and heads to the restroom. Dirty!

The student Abby dispatched moments ago hauls ass to Ike Ryan's. Inside, Malik says something about how they have to wait for Susan, who promised to stop by on her way into work the overnight shift. Heh. I guess they all realized how lame the party was and were discussing how soon they could decently leave. The student bursts in and asks which one of them is "Ko-vatch."

Cut to Luka striding purposefully into Trauma Green, where Neela explains that she's working on a chest trauma and was just about to do a cutdown. Shane helps her to crank open the chest, and one of the students starts to puke. Luka looks all sexy and impressed as he calmly gives instructions. Haleh walks in and asks, "Do you know Abby's doing a symphysiotomy in here?"

Luka can't believe it and runs into Trauma Yellow, where Abby explains that she's cut the ligaments connecting the pubic bone in order to create three more centimeters of pelvic space. Preggo agrees that things have opened up a little bit. The contraction begins and Preggo pushes. Abby reports that the shoulder is out. Luka calls for suction and a clamp and tells Baby Daddy to take the scissors as the baby starts cooing. He cuts the umbilical cord and Preggo starts crying as she takes her baby. Abby kind of sighs and rolls her shoulders, releasing some tension. Luka congratulates the parents, and then looks at Abby to make sure she's okay.

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