The Show Must Go On

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The Show Must Go On

Pratt stands on the sidewalk outside some apartment building, staring up at it. After a long pause, he walks up the stairs and rings the doorbell. And guess who answers? Pete! Pratt asks for Charlie Pratt and Pete says that's him. Pratt is confused and says he must have it wrong. As he starts to walk away, Danny Glover comes to the door and asks who it is. Pratt asks if he's Charlie, and Danny says that he is, as long as Pratt's not a bill collector. Pratt explains that he's an ER doctor at County, and that he got Charlie's name from the people at Cease Fire. Charlie asks if it can wait until morning, since he'll be there for the meeting. Pratt agrees that it can wait. Pratt starts to walk off, and Charlie calls out, "You all right, son?" Pratt stops in his tracks, and then says he's okay. Charlie asks if he wants to come in, and Pratt apologizes for disturbing him and leaves. Oh, he'll be back. Danny Glover ain't got time for two-second cameos.

Abby and Neela work on charts. Shane walks in and Abby asks about his friends. Shane says that Anspaugh fixed Jessica up and that she'll be fine. Neela tells Shane that he looks tired and he should go home. Shane says he wants to be there when his friends wake up. Abby hands him a chart and he takes a seat.

Carter sees the three of them working and stops by. Abby apologizes for missing the party, and Carter says they weren't the only ones. Seriously. I mean, it's kind of shitty that none of the old cast members returned, but so many of the current cast members weren't even there. I mean, you'd think Frank would have been there, if only for the free food. Carter pulls out an envelope and says that he just found it in his locker, and that it's been there for a long time, and he hasn't thought about it since Mark died. Shane is probably like, "'Mark'? Mark who?" Carter explains that if you were an intern under Mark Greene, he made you write a letter to yourself on your first day that you couldn't open until you finished your residency. That is exactly the kind of smurfy thing that Mark would do! Abby asks what the letter says. Carter says he wrote that he was scared and knew he had a lot to learn and hoped to learn it quickly. He also wrote that he didn't want to kill anybody, which makes Shane smirk. Carter gets tears in his eyes as he says, "And it says that if I'm good at this, and I can stick it out and become an Attending, well, that'll be all I ever need." Abby gets tears in her eyes as well, and she smiles. Carter hands her the letter and says he has a plane to catch.

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