The Show Must Go On

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The Show Must Go On

Neela helps the paramedics to wheel in a guy in a cow costume. Apparently, he was in a play when he was injured by falling scenery. Carter has to make some smart remarks, like, the dude is bleeding from the HEAD and probably has NO TIME for Carter's stupid jokes. Neela takes the patient (remarking that it's a good thing she's not Hindu, heh) and Carter moves to check on the next guy coming in. Abby reports that this guy (who is dressed like a fireman) has abrasions due to "community theater gone bad." The fireman explains that they're mounting a production based on the Great Chicago Fire, which explains the costumes. Sort of. The two actors exchange bitchy insults, and Carter realizes that Abby can handle it. Carter asks Haleh and Malik where they're going, because they're obviously heading to his party, and Haleh says they're going on an ambulance run as Malik says they're going to get some coffee. They don't even bother to try to cover their gaffe, and keep moving. Pratt asks Chuny if she's seen KJ, his "Volunteen." Wow, that's a bad made-up word. Chuny directs Pratt to the nurse's desk.

Carter grabs a chart and walks off, and Pratt runs after him and says it won't be the same without him. Carter says they'll survive, and asks if he'll see Pratt at the party. Pratt pretends he doesn't know what Carter's talking about, as Carter peels off to check on his patient. Pratt finds KJ reading a comic book, and KJ reports that he delivered the charts as requested. Pratt wonders why KJ is still there, since his shift is over. KJ is waiting for his dad. Pratt asks if his dad said how late he would be, and asks if KJ has anyone else to take him home. KJ says sadly that his dad will show up eventually. Pratt rolls his eyes and reluctantly offers to take KJ home after Carter's party. KJ is excited about going to a party. Dude, it's not that kind of party.

Speaking of that kind of party, Shane (I almost just called him Eli) is checking out his friend Benny's homemade tattoo, which features the opening guitar lick to "Free Bird", according to Benny. There's like three notes on there, so I don't really see how that's possible, but whatever. Shane is concerned about Benny's exposure to Hepatitis B, and Benny does a stoner laugh in amazement at hearing Shane talking like a real doctor. Jessica didn't know Shane was a doctor, and thinks it's "really cool," and suddenly Shane is a lot more interested in showing off his medical knowledge. One of Shane's buddy's girlfriends is pregnant, and she asks if Shane has anything for heartburn. Nick would rather have "some mellowing agents," and Shane laughs that those are all over the place. Shane asks Jessica if she wants to go get a drink, and they walk outside. Once they're on the deck, Jessica says that she thought Shane was a musician, and Shane says that medicine is what pays the bills. Some guys down on the ground call up for beers, and Shane tosses some down, which seems dangerous, since they're on the third floor. Jessica asks Shane how he deals with the double life, and Shane says that some days are better than others. Morris stumbles up and asks if there's any more Jägermeister. Morris would drink Jägermeister. I'm surprised he didn't also try out some Goldschlager. Shane tells him to try inside. Jessica can't believe that Morris is Shane's boss, and says that Morris has been bragging about it all over the party.

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