The Show Must Go On

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The Show Must Go On

Abby and Neela discuss how the fireman and the cow are pretty much ready to go. The director walks up and asks if the actors can leave. He wants them to continue the second act. Abby doesn't think they'll be up for it. The director reminds her that they're professional actors, and that "the show must go on." Abby says, "Yeah, why is that exactly? I mean, why can't the show just stop once in a while?" Heh. We're all wondering the same thing, Abby. I'd guess that if NBC weren't in fourth place and desperate, the show would have stopped going on a long time ago.

Shane is still checking out victims on the scene. Morris helps by taking pulses, and someone else is doing CPR. Jessica starts to freak out since she has, you know, a GIANT METAL POLE through her ABDOMEN. Shane tries to reassure her, but he needs to check out other patients. He finds Preggo and Baby Daddy, and checks Preggo for a head injury or concussion. Preggo says that she feels okay, and asks if the baby is okay. Shane finds a guy who appears to be leaking gray matter or very close to it; he moves a board and uncovers the musical note tattoo on the victim's arm, and realizes that Benny's dead. Just like about half of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Now they're all free birds. And those birds you cannot change.

Alex has finished reading the letter from Steve, and starts asking Sam if they're ever going to live with Steve again. Sam says they aren't. Alex says that Steve has a job as a river guide. Well, at least he's creative. Sam says simply that they're not going to live with Steve, and then tries to distract Alex with marshmallow cookies. Works for me! Then again, I'm not diabetic. Yet. Alex says he wants to just read his letter and stomps off. Sam looks sad and conflicted. And like she really just wants to eat the whole package of marshmallow cookies herself. Although I might be projecting.

The paramedics have arrived at Operation Porch Pancake. Shane explains that he still isn't sure how many people are trapped in the wreckage, but they have six dead and fifteen non-critical patients. The paramedic says that they are taking someone with chest pain and Preggo first, and they are currently working on Jessica. Morris just stands nearby, watching everything. The paramedic can't believe that Shane assessed over twenty-five patients in eight minutes. Well, six of them were dead. I don't know how much assessing that took. Shane says he goes a lot faster with no paperwork, and tells the paramedic to take Morris to St. Rafe's for a banana bag. The paramedic says that the criticals are going to St. Rafe's, and Shane asks why they aren't going to County. The paramedic tells Shane what we already know -- that County is closed to Trauma. Shane is incensed. Incensed! The paramedic hands over his radio and suggests that Shane try to get County to open, since it's closer to where they are than St. Rafe's is.

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