The Show Must Go On

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The Show Must Go On

Chuny takes the call at County, where the other employees are busy doing a whole lot of nothing, and it's a skeleton crew. Chuny tells Shane that Susan and Luka are out, and offers up Abby, who rolls her eyes at being third choice and takes the radio. Shane tells Abby that she needs to take some of the traumas, and Abby says they can't, because they only have one working OR. Oh, are they? That never fails to crack me up, and I realize that Rushmore came out a long time ago. Anyway, Shane promises that the injuries are mostly blunt trauma and thus, I guess, will not require immediate surgery. Abby relents and agrees to take one critical. Shane wants her to take all five. Abby says that they're understaffed and have no Attendings available. Shane says that the patients won't make it to another hospital, and assures Abby that she's a doctor. Really? Was the white coat the giveaway? Abby isn't having it, and says she'd have to run it by Luka. Shane growls that there isn't any time. He's really good with that radio and how he yells angrily into it. Must be his musician microphone training. He's a regular Constantine Maroulis with the growling and the pouting and the dramatics. Doris the Paramedic announces that one of the criticals just flatlined, and Shane yells that they're down to four criticals. Abby still says no. Shane flat-out asks her if she will accept the patients. Abby pauses, and Chuny reminds her that she's being recorded. I don't know if that means that she should take the patients, because she's not allowed to refuse them, or if she shouldn't, because she already admitted that there's no Attending present. Abby chews her lip as everyone gathers around and stares. Finally, she says that they will take four critical patients and gives the go-ahead for treatment. Shane thanks her and says they are four minutes out. Abby puts the radio down and barks out some orders to everyone present, including telling Chuny to page Luka.

Luka is busy telling everyone at Carter's party (Dubenko, Malik, Pratt, Haleh, and random extras) to eat and drink up because Weaver's footing the bill. Yeah, where the hell's Weaver? Even if she wasn't working, she couldn't show up for Carter's party? Lame. Pratt picks up a breadstick and says that, for eleven years of duty, Carter deserved caviar. Luka adds that there's something his father used to say when a friend went on a journey, and that he said it when Luka came to the States. Luka gets a little choked up and says he thought of it today when he realized that he wouldn't be working with Carter anymore, or at least not for a long time. Carter looks touched. Luka says his father would clasp the person's hand and say, "We only part to meet again." Did he say it in English? Because I wanted Luka to speak Croatian. Everyone claps and clinks glasses as Luka's pager goes off. It's in his coat pocket, and his coat is sitting on a nearby table, so no one hears it.

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