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The Student

Sam installs Flasher in the Pervert Ward, and interestingly, the old dude from earlier doesn't protest being included in this. Pervy protests, "'Perv' is a relative term, honey." Only in West Virginia and parts of Kentucky. Sam threatens to give him the longest Foley catheter in the world if he calls her that again, and Pervy leans back like, "Hey, yeah, all right, is there a fetus in that?" The old guy just nods and enjoys the show.

Outside the room, Luka whispers that he's solved Sam's problem. Sam thanks him sincerely, but insists that it's her problem. "See, that's your first mistake," Luka smiles, leaning into her. She stares up at him kind of adoringly as he puts his arm around her and says he's put his plan in motion and everything's under control. I do hope he's having a cadaver from the morgue wrapped and sent to their apartment.

Frank wanders into the ER, but no one notices. "Hello?" he calls out. Jerry and Carter actually light up, Jerry in particular. Man crush, anyone? Frank's stopping by after a rehabilitation session. "Want to see the scar?" he asks. "No, but there's a guy in 2 who might want to touch it," Sam jokes. She's not wrong. Frank excitedly says he's able to do two miles on the treadmill for the first time in his life, and tries to pretend he's loving the life of luxury and leisure so much that he's not sure when he'll be back. "Where's Dr. Pratt?" he asks, idly. "Off today," Jerry says. "Tell him I owe him a beer," Frank says. Then, as he leaves, he stops and says rather gruffly, "My doctor's not ready for me to come back yet. It's going to be a while. But I do miss everybody...I just wanted to say that." With that, he leaves, and they all smile, because his bigoted heart grew three sizes that day -- which probably just means he can fit more hate inside it.

A four-year-old boy who's short of breath is wheeled into the ER with his father. Luka takes him into Trauma Green, where he discovers that the kid's altered and his spleen is enlarged. Luka wants him checked for sickle cell disease, but the father insists it isn't possible -- his wife has the genetic markers, but he doesn't, so the kid can't have it. Translation: The kid has it, and the father doesn't -- genetically speaking -- have a kid. Quietly, Luka tells Sam to run the sickle cell test.

Gallant and Neela uncomfortably try to explain to Luis's wife what happened. She's cheerful and prefers to think of the glass as half-full, noting that the 30% chance of death that Neela's quoting means that there's a 70% chance he will live. She then exposits that the fact that he's alive is in itself a miracle, because he wasn't supposed to wake up from his fall. "He's really smart, you know? He was going to go back to school..." the wife babbles. And there it is: humanization of the victim, a.k.a. the final, fatal stage of Tertiary Character Disease. Neela is slowly becoming more agitated.

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