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The Student

The ambulance unloads Luis Sanchez. He was in the nursing-home van (but he's rather young -- hey, whatever) and he's wailing because he hasn't had any pain medication. The paramedic exposits that Luis fell off a roof in December, and they think it affected his mental status, to the point that his current altered state is probably not due to this collision. Carter ships them off to Trauma Yellow. Neela wants to give Luis pain meds, but his pressure's too low, so they push some saline. She asks if he has any allergies, and Luis can't answer; all he knows is that his wife gives him his pills. "A blue, a green, and three white," he wails. Neela scampers out of the room to call the nursing home for a complete medical history, since she can't exactly go to the lock-up and be like, "Okay, which ones are green...."

At the front desk, Susan is tearing Chuck a new one, ostensibly so that he can hurry up and birth his sympathy fetus and stop the bubble, toil, and trouble of his hormones. Chuck is refusing to go talk to Pervy, but Susan swears the guy's going to press charges unless Chuck apologizes. Sure, the punch was a bit excessive, but I can certainly understand why Chuck would be irritated at having to eat crow in front of a guy who was being lewd to the mother of his child. No father would want Chuckus to get felt up that early in life. Meanwhile, Neela is frantically trying to get someone at the nursing home to provide Luis's records. "I'm sorry you've had a bad morning, but he's had an even worse one," she snaps. "Can you fax the med list as soon as possible?"

Cut to Sam and Luka staring at the floor behind a closed door. The caption for this scene, were it a cartoon, would be, "I can't believe it -- this never happens to me." But then Luka pops up his head and suggests a magician for Alex's birthday, and we realize that this was just a tease, and everyone's equipment is working just splendidly. Sam smiles that, last year, Alex asked for a pig embryo he could dissect, so she's not sure a magician is going to tempt him. Then a paramedic bursts through with another van passenger, Lucy, and we see they're in Trauma Other. Luka's called away to help Carter with the van driver, leaving Sam with Lucy. "Paintball?" Luka shouts. "Good idea -- put a gun in his hand," Sam retorts, grinning. And right here is why people on the boards are labeling Alex a freak and a sociopath: Sam's sarcasm here, and about her son's unusual interests, seems to imply that she sort of thinks he's a freak, and that's never a good sign, because aren't mothers contractually obligated to be deluded?

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