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The Student

Sam flounces through the hall with Luka and whines that the hospital gift shop sucks -- all she found for Alex was a novelized version of The Matrix Reloaded. Tell me she didn't seriously browse the hospital gift shop for her son's birthday. She should talk to Pratt -- he at least knows a street vendor who can add a touch of class to the proceedings. Luka giddily presents her with a price list for Mr. Hyde's Tavern. "It's a haunted mansion restaurant," Luka says. "'Strawberry bloodshake'?" Sam reads. "'Tarantula fries'?" She's totally dubious. Luka's all, "That's cool, right?" And it would be, for Alex, if they really were bloodshakes and fries made of spiders. Sam laughs and gently says she's looking for something Alex will really remember. Luka cracks, "What, a bloodshake's not special?" Not until you've made one yourself. I give Alex three weeks.

Sam and Luka end their pedeconference at the bed of Frederika Torres, a schoolgirl who claims she hurt her ankle in tennis practice. Her coach, Sister Margaret, put on a makeshift cast. They ask her questions, and Frederika fudges her answers until Sam notices that her bruised toe indicates that she kicked something. "Okay," she levels. "There's this really creepy guy who keeps flashing us during practice from outside the fence, opening his coat, and he's naked underneath...It's really gross." Luka coughs, "I bet." Evidently they got sick of it, and the cops didn't catch him when they we called, so this time the entire class charged him. "I'm pretty sure we kicked his ass," she says. Sam looks amused.

In Trauma Yellow, all hell-ow is breaking loose. Oh my God, I must be tired. Luis has a fever and needs to be checked for sepsis, and he's beginning to seize. As everyone rolls him, Carter asks Neela what his medical record says. "I'll see if it came in," she says. "You didn't get it yet?" Carter yells.

Cut to Neela sprinting through the ER, barraged by patients and nurses wanting her attention. "Slow down, you're showing us all up," Gallant teases. Neela snatches some paper from the fax machine and screeches that Luis is seizing and isn't stable. Gallant runs after her.

Neela arrives in Trauma Yellow with the list. "Why didn't we have it before?" Carter rails. "Fax wasn't in," Neela pants. She skims it and says the only new thing on it is that he was switched to an antidepressant that's an MAO inhibitor. Carter asks what pain medication they gave him, and Gallant quickly says, "Morphine." Neela gulps. "No, Demerol," she says. "He had nausea with morphine...." Carter realizes that this is a huge problem -- Demerol can have fatal reactions with MAO inhibitors, and he snaps into action as Neela sucks wind, deflated.

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