The Visit

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The Visit

Aw, eToys asparagus boy. He's cute.

Cue The Vibraphone Of Great Urgency as Cleo scampers all Tekno past the OR main desk to ask where to find Peter. We see her dash through a set of double doors, and the camera moves over to show Peter beyond two more sets of double doors. Moments later, Cleo appears beside Peter, gowned and masked. Cue Piano Of Personal Tragedy. Peter comes busting through the first two sets of OR doors...

...and smash cut to him busting through the trauma-room doors. "What the hell are you doing?" Peter wants to know. Dave and Corday bend over Jesse; Dave says smugly, "We found a hole in the right ventricle," and Corday adds that she's just cross-clamped Jesse's aorta. Dave then seals his eventual doom with, "Thank God for bangers, huh? Better than a good shooting war." The remark prompts a glowering Benton to elbow Dave out of the way. Dave gripes, "Hey -- that's my patient!" and Corday patiently tells Peter that they've got it. Peter, ignoring them, gets into trauma gear; Mark tells Peter in a clipped tone that "Dr. Malucci's assisting," and Dave splutters that Jesse's not going to make it anyway. An entering Cleo spits at Dave, with more emotion on her face than we've seen from her in the entirety of her time on the show, "It's his nephew." Everyone freezes. "It's Jackie's son Jesse." That shuts Dave up. Peter shouts for two-oh silk.

Carter greets Frank at the admit desk. Luka tells Carter that it's "pretty slow." Abby comes up to the desk and says to Luka without preamble, "My mother's here." " weren't expecting her?" Luka asks, more politely than out of interest. Abby says no, then asks if Luka has a few minutes. Because that's all it takes. Oh, sorry. OW! Hey! If you MUST use that INFERNAL hat pin, Foreshadowing, ONLY use it FOR FORESHADOWING! It's 2:23 in the morning, and I DON'T feel like visiting the real-LIFE emergency room to get my TETANUS updated. A pincushion costs TWO BUCKS. GO BUY ONE. And if you ate the last ginger snap, I'll kick your ass back to Dawson's Creek. Ingrate. ANYWAY. Chuny comes over to give Luka the results of Teresa's pregnancy test, and he curses and grumbles and goes off to deal with it without another word to Abby, and Abby sort of sucks her teeth and tries not to look too annoyed. Carter happens over and invites her out for a coffee, and she accepts without hesitation.

Jesse's trauma room. They work frantically on Jesse. He's going south. Peter's freaking out and yelling for them to cut off the alarms; Mark's worried that what Peter wants to try won't work. Peter shouts, "I can get it!" Romano comes in to harangue Corday about the procedure on Mr. P, and she argues with him, but finally follows him out into the hall in a huff. Peter moves over to take her place beside Jesse.

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