The Visit

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The Visit

Cleo comes out to talk to Jackie. Peter's in with Jesse now; Jesse got shot in the chest; they found bleeding around his heart. "His heart?" Jackie breathes. MS Bad News runs: "His condition is very grave. They're working to stabilize him so they can move him to the OR." "Ohhh Lord," Jackie sighs, starts to cry, then stops herself. Cleo asks, with a reasonable amount of sincerity, if she can get Jackie anything. Jackie says no, she has to call Walt again. Walt? Will we actually see Walt? I miss Walt, I don't mind telling you. ["'Walt' was busy playing Johnnie Cochran in a TV movie this week, unfortunately." -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Jackie gets up to phone Walt's auto-body shop, but a girl in braids stops her: "Mrs. Robbins?" Jackie looks her over. I can't even describe how, but if you've seen Jackie for thirty seconds on this show, I don't need to. And that's why Jackie is my girlfriend. "Is Jesse okay?" Braids asks tearfully. Jackie snaps, "Get out." Braids, in a broken voice: "Is he ah-ight?" Jackie points at her and says in a low, chilling voice, "You don't get to be here." "Please," Braids pleads, but Jackie isn't buying what she's selling. "Get out," she snaps again, then screams, "GET OUT!" Braids's lip trembles, but Jackie's not done: "I don't want you here. You get away from him, you STAY AWAY FROM my son." Braids backs away, crying; her posse of friends follows her, glaring at Jackie. Jackie in turn glares at them and covers her mouth; then she makes a "yeah, you'd better" gesture with her head. God, I love Jackie. Jackie stalks off to call Walt. Cleo watches her go, probably wondering how she can FTP Jackie 1.0 to her hard drive. I watch her go and wonder when the brain trust at NBC will finally give Jackie and Haleh a spin-off. Girl, Don't Even: every week, another foot in the ass. I would watch every week. I would tape every episode and save it. They could have Grams from Dawson's on as a special guest star. Sigh.

Trauma room. Gratuitous close-up of the rib spreader. Peter's covered with blood, and it's all going wrong. Peter can't see, he's got sweat in his eyes, he's calling to move the light. Jesse's bleeding out. The machines beep wildly. Peter can't think of what to give Jesse next. He recovers and calls for more blood. Corday points out that Jesse's not clotting, but Peter says they can reverse it and yells for more suction. "Pump's running dry," Haleh says quietly. Mark observes that "we're not keeping up with blood loss," and Peter hollers for him to "squeeze it in faster." Everyone else in the room exchanges Looks Of Significance. Close-up of Jesse's still face.

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