The Visit

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The Visit

AA meeting. A man talks about his son getting high and the problems that's causing; pan across various participants to John "Electric Kool-Aid Urine Test" Carter, who's rudely doing a crossword during the man's testimonial, complete with periodic proud smirking when he gets an answer. Focus pull to Abby "Eat Your Heart Out, Sars" Lockhart shooting Carter a "whatever" look from four seats over.

Wheeling Corn Rows to the elevator, Dave shares his perfect-murder plan with Peter: wrap Corn Rows's severed hand around the gun, shoot Romano, it'll have Corn Rows's prints on it. That's actually pretty funny. I'd also like to note that Dave's hair is no longer a composted dandelion, having returned to its customary poo-like shade of brown. Thank you, hair and make-up people. "Put the hand down, Malucci," Peter grunts. Dave tries to jolly Peter. Peter won't have it, telling Dave again to put down the hand and informing him that, when there's a patient on the table, he expects respect from Dave -- respect for the patient, and respect for him. Yeah, good luck with that. Dave snorts, "Respect for a drug-dealing banger?" Peter says icily that all he wants to hear from Dave "is the medicine." "If you say so, Pete," Dave breezes. Peter takes a moment to compose himself, then says that it's "yes, Dr. Benton" or "no, Dr. Benton." Dave smirks at him. Peter does the patented non-eye-roll eye-roll.

Back to AA, where Carter is getting his card signed after the meeting. Abby hangs back to wait for him, and when he turns to leave, she points out, sort of nicely but not really, "You were doing the crossword." "I was listening!" Carter protests glibly, adding that he had "months of this" in rehab. Abby asks when he last "shared." "I'll share tomorrow," he tells her in a combative tone of voice. She says, "There are other meetings, you know," saying she used to go to one at St. Michael's that seemed to have more addicts. Carter knows, but he likes this one; it's convenient. Abby thought he might feel more comfortable around "NA people," but Carter interrupts to snap that he takes his meds, goes to meetings, and pees in cups when people ask him to, so if she wants him to share, he can do that too: "I'll do it tomorrow." He shoulders his bag and strides off. Abby, on my wavelength, makes a mild "oh, put it away, Little Big Man" moue that takes us into the credits.

After the credits, a long shot of Abby, hunched in her coat, crossing the ambulance bay. Huh? Cut to her entering the lounge, where Chen is getting ready to leave. They chit-chat about the night shift. Chen has a really cool top on in this scene. After a brief pause, Chen asks, "Hey, are you and Kovac still goin' out?" Abby laughs awkwardly before saying in a tone of mild exasperation, "Not many secrets down here, huh?" No, Chen says, and leans against a locker to ask if Luka's "doin' okay." Abby dissembles; Chen explains that Luka just seems "a little off." Abby avoids Chen's eyes: "I'm sure he's fine." Abby bustles out; Chen looks skeptical.

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