The Visit

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The Visit

Now Abby's at the desk. Mark "Follicle Man, Follicle Man, Doin' The Things A Follicle Can, What's He Like, It's Not Important, Follicle Man" Greene complains that he hates quiet mornings, because it means it'll get crazy later. Hey, then why not do us all a favor and go home? Oh, well. I tried. Frank The Desk Cop grumps. "Hi Ho The" Kerry "O" Weaver crutches over and tells Frank to roust a guy named Mad Mike out of the linen closet. Frank makes to do so, fetching a wooden baton out from under the counter, but Kerry spots him and, after he charmingly refers to it as a "homeless helper," makes him hand the baton over to her. Frank sulks off. Mark reminds Kerry that he's off at six. Kerry snarls that she couldn't possibly forget since he's told her three times; Mark snips back that it's actually only twice. Don't make me turn this car around, you two. Robert "Ty" Romano Napoleons his way behind the desk, and he and Mark then bicker over Mark's leaving early. Yes, yes, he's leaving early, it's important, I get it, no, no, not the hat pin -- OW! OKAY! God! Luka appears behind the desk and asks Frank if films have come back for a patient of his. More banter on the subject of homeless harassment and "old cop habits are hard to break," and I have to say, Frank sucks. Bring back Amira, bring back Jerry, bring back Amanda Lee if you have to, but for God's sake ditch Old Flat Top, because he's boring. Luka goes over to futz around with a chart next to Abby, who wishes him good morning. Luka says "hi" back, distractedly; it's clear that he didn't notice her come in, or much care that she had. Abby asks him if he wants to get lunch later, but before he can say anything, Chuny announces an incoming ambulance, and Kerry tells Luka to take it, so he starts to do so without answering Abby, and she has to prompt him all snap-out-of-it, "Lunch?" "Yeah, sure. If there's time," he says vaguely, and heads for the ambulance bay. Abby shoots him a "don't hurt yourself, Stretch" look. More Mark "six" Kerry "I know" blah blah blah we-get-it-cakes.

Outside, Chuny pointedly shivers and says she should have brought her coat, it'll start snowing again soon, blah. Yes, it's cold. We get it. Luka smiles politely, because he gets it too. Or he did last week. Heh. Sorry. Sally Field comes running up, attired in a weather-inappropriate slip-dress and carrying a paper bag and a suitcase, and kicks it promo-style: "Is this the way to the ER? I'm just a little lost." Chuny tells her to go around front to the walk-ins entrance. Sally looks mildly disconcerted and flounces off to one side in her weather-inappropriate chunky platform slides. Gee, what could it mean that she isn't dressed for the cold? It's not that she's, you know...crazy? Or something? Because I don't think I get it. Yet. Ow. Ow. OW. All right, all right. I get it.

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