The Visit

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The Visit

In the lounge, Sally is on a whirlwind of clean-up -- she's refrigerated the leftovers, cleaned out the fridge, blah bling blah. Gee, it seems like she's having a manic episode, but I don't know for sure if I -- OW! Oh, that hurts. See, now that's a serious puncture wound! That could get infected! Did I need that? I don't think I needed that! God. Anyway. Kerry tries to break in, but Sally is babbling about throwing out leftovers and whatnot, and then she compliments Kerry on her "beautiful face" (and it's about time someone did, in my opinion) and rambles on about how she'd love to give Kerry a makeover, that's what she does, well, she's really an artist but she works at a make-up counter to earn money, and all the time Kerry is trying valiantly to interrupt without screaming or whacking Sally one across the shins with her cane, but Sally's "just waiting for Abby" and won't hear it. Kerry can't have her back there by herself. Sally: oblivious. Kerry: using dealing-with-crazy-people voice. Sally: cleaning. Kerry finally breaks it to her that Abby says Sally isn't her mother. "Of course I'm her mother," Sally scoffs. Kerry suggests that Sally gather up her things and wait at the admit desk. Sally says "wait" about a dozen times, presses her eyeballs in with her fingers, and asks, "So...she says she's not my daughter?" Kerry tries again to induce Sally to wait outside, but Sally starts freaking: "Where is she? ABBY!" Kerry jumps, startled. Sally hurricanes outside, screaming for Abby: "ABBY? IT'S YOUR MOTHER!" Kerry follows her, still working the soothing voice to no avail; Sally clomps through the ER, howling for Abby and becoming increasingly agitated. Kerry yells for Frank to call Security and get Psych down there right away. Sally continues to burst into exam rooms, calling for Abby.

In a quiet room away from the fray, Abby clutches a receiver and prays, "Please pick up." She reaches an answering machine and begs someone named Eric to pick up the phone; when Eric finally answers, she bitches at him that Sally is in Chicago, why is she there, "I can't take, okay, she can't be here," but Eric just hangs up on her. Abby slumps, letting the receiver dangle from her hand.

Corday gently informs Mr. P that he has a herniated disk. Mr. P doesn't think that sounds good; Corday goes on to say that, because he has weakness in his foot, he'll need surgery to alleviate the pressure on the nerve. Mr. P asks if it can't wait until he gets home, but Corday shakes her head regretfully: "I wouldn't suggest it." Mr. P doesn't want back surgery, so Corday thinks for a moment, then proposes endoscopic surgery instead. It'll only take about an hour, she'll insert an endoscope and remove the fragments of disc, and he'll leave with "a couple of stitches and a Band-Aid." Wow. That doesn't sound like a big deal at -- YEOW! Okay, okay! You don't have to jam the entire pin into my buttcheek every time, you know! Malik ducks in to tell Corday about the incoming GSW; Corday says she's coming. Mr. P asks if he'll still be able to surf. Corday doesn't see why not. She excuses herself. Mr. P looks worried as he watches her go. I dress my wounds while Foreshadowing looks through my CD collection.

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