Things Change

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Things Change

The peanut gallery hovers expectantly around George's coding body. Carter's been trying to revive him for twenty-four minutes. "Does anyone survive after this long?" Unsalted asks. "What's the most times you've ever shocked somebody?" Carter ignores them. Still-In-The-Shell pipes up that he heard no one comes back after three tries. Obviously, then, Carter successfully gets a rhythm. "Guess you heard wrong," he grumbles. "Is he ever going to wake up?" Honey Roasted asks. "Let's wait and see," Carter exhales, storming out into the next room and tearing off his gloves. Leaning against a shelf, he hangs his head.

Gordana hangs up her cell phone, bothered. Luka approaches, so she explains in Croatian that the boy, Ante, can't get into the country because of what the State Department claims is a visa problem. "I've spent weeks trying to find someone to do the surgery, and now he's going to die because of bureaucracy," she worries. Ah, fear not, Gordana. Our embattled hero eats red tape for dinner.

Weaver chases Abby. "I told you not to call DCFS," she rails. Oh, this baby story again. This was so badly done. What the hell? I guess they had to leave these scene stubs in, because they're attached to other moments TPTB evidently felt the episode couldn't do without or work around somehow. But it's just really distracting and kind of lame to have little nuggets of story that don't even go anywhere within the hour featuring them. Abby says she called Adele, not DCFS. "And Adele called DCFS," Weaver snaps. Frank cheerfully asks Abby if she found the patient she lost, which appalls and alarms Weaver in a funny way. Abby tries to explain, but Weaver can't quite get her brain around it. Abby orders Frank to trace the location of Eric's phone booth. "Is this patient a threat?" Weaver sputters. Abby doesn't know, or care. She has the real Eric now. She doesn't need the stand-in loon.

Susan sees Chuck and flags him down. "How's the patient?" he asks. "He went upstairs," she says. "Hopefully not brain-dead from prolonged hypotension." Chuck tenses and defensively insists that it was a good intubation. He calls her "Suze," which she doesn't like. "One, call me 'Susan.' Two, the lung was down," she rails. "Do you know how hard it is to hear anything on that chopper, with the rotors and the vibration and the headphones?" he blasts. She herds him into an exam room, where her tone totally softens. "I do know," she says. Basically, she says she stood up for him, and he's sort of irritated that she feels like she has to protect him because she's a doctor and he's a nurse. "I know how they bag on the EMTs," she protests. Chuck slowly begins chuckling. "We bag on doctors all the time," he beams. "You're protecting me." Susan blushes, and Chuck advances toward her. "Chuck," she warns with a smile. "Susan," he giggles, going for her neck. "Charles," she tries again. "There's a dead body in here! It's's disrespectful!" But she can't resist, and they end up kissing, and it would seem Chuck's chopper's headed for her landing pad.

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