Things Change

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Things Change

My take on it is that Eric was as vital a part of Abby's childhood as Gamma was in Carter's -- both had neglectful or distant mothers, for one reason or another, and it seems that they filled the void with their family member of choice. And the thing is, Carter, you little brat, Gamma will still be dead when Abbys back, but if she stays, Eric might disappear for good, or hurt himself after thinking she is ignoring him, or maybe hurt someone else. Eric is the variable, the one whose fate isn't sealed, and he was her life when she was a kid and raising him without Maggie, so obviously she is going to insist that she needs to go. I do wish Abby had hugged Carter or reached out to him a little more gently, but Carter was so wrapped up in being bitter that he really pissed me off and I sort of wanted to kick him in the shin. It's not about whose life problem is bigger, weenie. It's about trying to handle them both, and the sad reality is, Abby's problem might get solved if she goes, whereas Carter's grief will drag on a while. It will be here. Eric might not be. I just don't see why Abby wouldn't, or shouldn't, go -- especially since she'll be back in a day. Maybe that makes me nasty, but I feel like we were supposed to feel sorrier for Carter, yet I actually think Abby got a raw deal here.

Romano sends Gallant upstairs to Elizabeth with Mrs. Reynolds. "What should I tell Corday?" Gallant asks. "That she's welcome," Romano sneers. He turns and bumps smack into the peanut gallery, all with their eyes wide open, looking nuttier than ever. "Good God, it's the Stepford children," he says. "Where's your handler?" Um, you dealt with that already, buddy. Salted brightly explains that Carter said Romano would handle them for the rest of the day. "Isn't he generous with my life," Romano sighs.

Romano takes the gallery into Andrew's room, unceremoniously ordering Pratt to present this case to the students. Pissed off, Pratt tells the students how Romano sacrifices proper examinations in favor of turfing patients quickly, and therefore missed Andrew's true affliction. "It looks benign, but when pain is out of proportion to the exam, you must visualize the epiglottis with either a lateral x-ray of the neck, a fiber-optic scope, or a right-angled mirror," Pratt says, really getting into his dramatic little tale. Romano seethes that Andrew's a wimp with a pediatric illness. "Maybe back in the day, but we tend to see [epiglottitis] in adults now more and more," Pratt finishes, grinning from ear to ear. "If one takes the time to look for it." Romano furiously boots the peanuts out of the room and growls that Pratt just bought himself a month of midnight shifts. Pratt grins. He's seen The Breakfast Club so he knows there's a diamond earring coming his way pretty soon. "Good, I love the nightlife," he giggles.

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