Things Change

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Things Change

Back at Luka's place, he pours some wine for himself and Gordana. She hangs up with Ante's parents, and laments that she can't get any good information about his visa status. Luka promises to ask Dr. Anspaugh if he can help at all. Gordana gazes at him and starts to chuckle lightly. "Luka Kovac," she says. "ER doctor in Chicago. You've made quite a life for yourself." This is all subtitled; the show translates it one way, but I understand that he is actually giving out his phone number and address to me, and making sure I don't forget the merlot later. Luka and Gordana (according to the subtitles, wink wink) reminisce about the cheap dorm room Luka shared with his friends, and crack each other up. He's happy to have her there. "Do you go back much?" she asks. "No," he says. She teases him about being a busy American now, and then asks if he misses it. "I sometimes miss the ocean, the people, driving up the coast on a summer day..." he begins. Gordana snorts with laughter and recalls the time they road-tripped to Vukovar after finals and the car hit a goat. "Oh my God, that was horrible," he guffaws. "It was hilarious," she giggles. Luka remembers trying to do CPR and convince his roommate to do mouth-to-mouth. "Tomo wanted to put in a chest tube!" Gordana says, by now practically crying from laughing. Luka pities the poor goat. "The first patient you ever lost," she beams. Luka has this weird joyful glow that he never has. They should seriously let him laugh more on this show. It brightens up everything.

Abby rings Carter from her hotel. Interestingly, she calls him "John" when she leaves him a message, which must mean she feels a need to get back in his good graces. She claims that they missed their flight but are trying to get on the first plane out in the morning; she hangs up uncomfortably just as Eric emerges from the bathroom, clean, clipped, and clad in Carter's castaways. Abby hands him a glass of water and a pill. "This is my life now, isn't it?" he realizes. "It's up to you," she says with restraint. Eric swallows it. "We all thought you were dead, you know," Abby says, but her face shows amusement. "Except Maggie, she refused." Eric asks if she knows Abby is with him. "Couldn't get in touch," Abby says. "For all I know, she's missing, too." Eric tries to bite back a laugh, but he can't, and it comes out his nose. "It's not funny," Abby says indignantly, but even she is snickering a little. "It's a little funny," Eric grins. Then he pauses. "What happens now?" he wonders. "We go home," Abby replies. "What about me? I don't want to live like this. I can't keep doing this to you," he says. No wonder Abby sometimes acts like it's all about her. To her credit, Abby does not tell Eric to sack up and show the initiative to solve his own problems, rather than acting like it's a given that he'll "do this" to her unless she stops it. Instead, Abby stares at the ceiling and carefully says, "You have to get into a program." Eric rolls over onto his stomach and asks for her help. Abby fights emotion and exhales hard. "Don't I always?" she finally says, softly, turning to him. But he's asleep. Even he is bored by his storyline.

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