Things Change

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Things Change

Carter arrives at Gamma's house without his father, who had to take a later flight. The tearful maid (not the one who deflowered him, one hopes) embraces him with a sob. "It's okay," he says, hugging her. She weepily says that the funeral home called to apologize for not removing the body sooner, and that the director promises the hearse is on its way. Carter is gutted to know that Gamma's corpse is lying upstairs, surely so fragrant and sweet by now, and he gingerly ascends to see it.

In the hallway, he loosens his tie and winces, pale and pained. Then he enters the room and stops short at seeing Mannequin Gamma lying in bed, all waxy and badly crafted and bigger of schnozz than the original. Also, she's without a lower half, as the bed is completely flat with a few lumps in the blanket that are supposed to approximate legs. Carter sits next to her and sobs openly at her side while Mannequin Gamma pines for the fjords.

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