Things Change

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Things Change

In Trauma Green, Luka wants a neurologist to help with the accident victim, who we'll call Mac because he's wearing a lot of blue eye-shadow and looks a lot like the bizarrely done-up cow at the MAC counter who once tried to tell me that red eyeliner would be brilliant with my coloring. Romano enters just as Chuck realizes that Mac's "Marilyn Manson manicure" is impeding things. Gordana wonders why. "Nail polish keeps the oxygen saturation probe from working," Luka Croatians. Susan is positioned over his head checking the airway. "I saw it go in," Chuck insists. "No offense; I check all the paramedics' tubes," Susan says softly. But don't be jealous, Chuck -- she married you, pal. Romano crabs that it's necessary to check because the EMTs miss the mark half the time. "Quiet! I can't hear breath sounds," Luka shouts. Susan confirms that the intubation is fine. "Told you," Chuck sasses. Luka offers to let Gordana help, but she shakes her head; Susan yells for Elizabeth. "She's still next door," Abby says. "What, does she need a personal invite?" Romano says angrily, barging into the room Elizabeth is in...

...where she is examining a Mrs. Reynolds, who had abdominal pain and a fever. "Which magically resolved...after passing gas," Elizabeth says impatiently. Dr. Jing-Mei "Deb" Chen and Michael "Remember When I Insulted Romano In Front of A Patient? Do You Think The Writers Do?" Gallant stand by with their patient, listening. Gallant frets that her belly is tender. "Admit her to service and work her up," Romano says brightly. Elizabeth refuses, and he angrily chases after her. Now, I confess, I don't really get this part -- was he telling her to admit Mrs. Reynolds to the surgery ward and be responsible for her up there? He must have been, because Elizabeth crabs at him that if he wants to re-consult her after a CT scan, that's fine, but otherwise she refuses to admit Mrs. Reynolds just so that Romano can empty ER beds. Wait, I guess that wasn't so complicated. Maybe it's later that I get confused. We'll soon find out.

Abby interrupts Elizabeth and Romano's tense confrontation to bring Lizzie into the trauma room. Romano adopts a "duh" expression and points toward the trauma room, as if that's all he was going to say when he chased her, and she got her knickers in a sharp twist. "Let me guess: infectious gangrene from a paper cut?" she sneers at Romano. I guess she wasn't happy that they called for a consult without having done more thorough tests on Mrs. Reynolds? I don't really know. Romano, very unfortunately, chooses this moment to release his inner child, and actually does that idiotic thing where he mimics what she's saying in a sing-song, mocking tone. It's pretty awful. I'm embarrassed for him.

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