Things Change

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Things Change

Mac's proving not nearly as tough as that long-wearing face paint he's sporting. Luka regularly murmurs to Gordana in Croatian, explaining various things they're doing, which I found condescending until I remembered she's a surgeon and, therefore, is allegedly as inept at ER procedures as this show claims Romano is. "What's your excuse for not taking this one up, Lizzie? No exposed bowels?" Romano sneers. "Give it a rest, Robert," she says sharply. Abby looks impressed. Elizabeth spies some internal bleeding. "All bleeding eventually stops," Romano snipes. "You could probably leave this one here, too." Elizabeth stops what she's doing here and fixes him with the most contempt-filled glare ever, and it's really pretty brilliant. Alex Kingston is great at the withering stares, although sadly this one bounces off Humpty's reconstructed shell.

At this point, things in the trauma room have become something of a clusterfuck. The usual chaos is heightened by the fact that nothing's quite working on Mac, Susan seems stressed, Romano is being an ass, Elizabeth is busy shooting daggers at her old boss, and Luka is humming things in Croatian at Gordana. Romano yells at them to pull it together and demands an end to what he terms "the Transylvanian play-by-play." He then points out that Mac isn't breathing well; one lung's useless and the other's not much better. They determine that his right lung is collapsed. In a manner that confuses me a little, Luka basically implies that this all boils down to a mistake Chuck made -- either that he didn't detect the already-collapsed lung, or that he incorrectly chose to intubate and made a bad situation worse, or somehow didn't quite intubate the way he should've. "We don't know that," Susan snaps. "They should've heard it in the helicopter," Luka growls. Susan insists that it's hard to hear things up there. Luka blinks. "Knife," Susan shouts. Abby sort of puts it in Susan's outstretched hand and sort of doesn't. Susan drops it and blames Abby, telling her to pay better attention, while Abby insists more quietly that Susan bungled it herself. "It's not usually like this," Luka pleasantly tells Gordana. Frustrated, Susan barks at Gordana to wait outside. "She's just observing," Luka defends her. "We have enough people in here just observing," Susan spits. "If you think you can do it all yourself, Susan, we can all step out," Luka offers calmly. "Might go faster," she retorts. "Might go a lot faster if he came in properly intubated," Luka counters. Elizabeth drinks in this sweet elixir of chaos and sweetly compliments Romano on the obvious positive effects of his stellar attitude and leadership skills. "How do you say 'Bite my big one' in Croatian?" Romano spits. "He's Bradying down, if anybody's interested," Abby offers. We fade to black pretty sure that nobody is.

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