Things Change

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Things Change

Gordana sidles up to the desk and politely asks Abby to tell Luka that she's heading out. "He should be back in a minute," Abby promises. "We just sent that trauma upstairs." Then, gingerly, Abby introduces herself and shakes Gordana's hand. Gordana re-exposits that she and Luka are med-school chums. "He was what you'd call a character back then," Gordana smiles. "Luka?" Abby asks curiously. Gordana fondly remembers what a practical joker he was, to fellow students and professors alike. "You could always tell when Luka was in the building because you'd hear him laughing," Gordana says. And also, the floors were wet with drool. "You know that laugh of his," she adds. Abby stares at her and then twitches her lips in a combination of interest, sadness, and disbelief. Then Abby shakes her head. "He...doesn't really laugh much at work," Abby offers. Gordana's face falls a tad. "He seems like he's changed," Gordana frets diplomatically. "Well, there's the unrequited love he had for a women bearing another man's twins, and the dead Bishop, and our ugly breakup, and the medical flubs, and the drinking, and the broken Dodge Penis, and the really bad chick from Popular, and the sexing up of patients' mothers, and the mood swings," Abby says. "We always knew he'd be the one who made it big," Gordana weeps proudly. Actually, Abby just says he's been through a lot, and Gordana sadly admits that she thought she'd come over and find him married to an American recapper -- fine, "supermodel" -- and have three kids and a dog. "His wife, Danijela, would've wanted that," she muses. Abby seems affected.

Susan yells for Abby to page Psych again, because Mad Willie is getting restless. When Abby joins her, Susan nods at Gordana and whispers, "Do I need to apologize to her?" Abby figures that it's fine, because Gordana seems great. "Then I'll apologize to you," Susan sighs. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to turn into a bitch in that trauma room." Abby brushes it off, saying she was really unfocused herself. Susan asks if Abby's spoken to Eric, and when the answer is no, she marvels that guys just never seem to call when you need them to, and oh my, that is gospel indeed.

Susan stops at Frank's desk and asks if the MedEvac has left. "Use the Helicopter Check System," Frank suggests. "Go to the roof and check. If the helicopter isn't there, they left." Susan scowls. "Frank, are you taking anything for your cholesterol?" she asks. "No," he says. "Good," she nods.

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