Third Watch: Unleashed

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Susan and Chloe, Part II

Susan creeps up to the bed and wins an ear-splitting grin from Chloe. "Hi pumpkin!" Susan coos. "I need to talk to mommy for a second." Suzy frowns. "You're leaving?" she frets. Chloe assures her they won't, and she and Susan exit, the latter glaring daggers through Chloe's back.

Chloe is all giggles and smiles, rejoicing at the safety of her daughter. She tenses when Susan's somber attitude cuts her first natural high in several days. "What?" Chloe beams. "This was not my fault, not this time." She seems more relieved at that fact than at the safety of her child. Sick. Susan starts lecturing her about going back into rehab, and that drug addiction is a disease that needs prompt treatment. Chloe obtusely argues that the drugs didn't do this -- a psychotic guy did. She seems to ignore the fact that her daughter wouldn't have been in the territory of a psycho if Chloe hadn't left her in front of a drug den. Details, details. "It was a slip," Chloe insists. "It's not going to happen again." Susan busts her by saying that Joe confessed about Chloe's previous slips. "Oh, so you're going to listen to that son of a bitch?" Chloe laughs resentfully. "He has a girlfriend -- did the bastard tell you that?" Susan levelly tells Chloe to check into a residential rehab program, and offers to take Suzy until the program is complete. "Oh my God, I am not sick!" screeches Chloe. "This was not my fault! I'm fine! We're both fine!" Chloe is so far in denial that she's actually speaking in hieroglyphics. And she's a wailing, screaming cow. I'm amazed Joe married her in the first place. Everyone in the vicinity turns to stare at Chloe. An older doctor and nurse shake their heads and tsk-tsk, as if to bemoan the tragic waste of life and Chloe's apparent eschewal of shampoo. Chloe maturely spits, "Mind your own business!" She then turns on Susan and angrily tells her sister to go home. "Hey, doctor," she sneers, her voice dripping with spite "Why don't you just go home?" I so want to slap her right now. And not in a good way, where the writers can at least be delighted they're getting some reaction out of the viewers. I just want to spit on her and steal her shoes.

Susan closes her eyes, agonized, while Chloe flounces back to Suzy's bedside. Yokas creeps up to Susan and supportively says, "She's a piece of work, huh?" Susan nods. "She's lucky to have you," notes Yokas. "They both are." She says what Chloe should have, but didn't. Susan finally thanks Yokas for finding Suzy. Yokas shrugs off the hero mantle. "It's our job," she smiles.

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