Third Watch: Unleashed

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Susan and Chloe, Part II

Bosco screams in the face of a sticky, long-haired junkie who we'll call Chris. As in Robinson. As in Kate Hudson's crusty husband. Bosco shakes Chris and yells that he isn't trying hard enough. "What do you want me to do, Bosco?" Chris whines shrilly. "Want me to make something up? If you want me to, I will -- just tell me what you want to hear!" Bosco frustratedy shouts that he's not looking for false testimony. Chris is jumpy and just wants to please his master and get the hell out of there in time for Happy Hour. "I need to find this girl, all right?" Bosco says levelly, rubbing his forehead as if to massage the impulsive rage away. Chris whimpers truthfully that he doesn't have any information about Suzy. The lieutenant enters to further serve his purely expository purpose; here, he morosely tells Bosco that a detective is on the phone for him. Bosco picks up the call, and slowly, disappointment spreads across his mug.

As Sully approaches the office, he sees Yokas on the steps outside. "Tatiana came back this morning," he shares. Yokas can't hide her surprise. "I wake up, she's making eggs like she never left," marvels Sully. Her story is that she fled Chevchenko -- the Russian villain -- and went to Ithaca, where her father's relatives live. Sully didn't know about them, so he couldn't find Tatiana; she only returned to suss out whether it's safe to bring her son back to NYC. Yokas clearly thinks that Tatiana's full of shit, but she bites her tongue, because Sully has a cute foreign wife and is therefore an object of jealousy for almost every man alive. Why deprive him of that? It's just cruel. Yokas says she's most startled that Tatiana mentioned Chevchenko at all. "Only in passing," Sully admits. "There's a lot of stuff I haven't been able to ask her yet. She just got back this morning." Yokas carefully lies that she's really happy for Sully. Obviously, though, she's troubled for him.

Jimmy sings his way into the firehouse. I love a man with a song in his heart. His co-workers razz him for the cheery mood and the singing. "Can't I be in a good mood?" Jimmy smirks, then admits he's on cloud nine because of his blossoming relationship with Joey. "It was tough at first, but now it's...really good. Yeah, really good," Jimmy grins adorably before taking great pains to swig a Diet Coke. Oh, wow, that seals it. He's perfect: he shares my nectar of choice. The guys just gape at him, and then rib him again for singing off-key. Jimmy responds by warbling even worse.

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