Third Watch: Unleashed

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Susan and Chloe, Part II

The kids are cute. They're stuffed into tight, wooly toques, and they're largely content to amuse themselves in a wasteland. It's kind of sad, but I'm still thinking about that lost and lonely stuffed toy, so I'm too busy to emote here. Yokas genially greets them and manages to draw out their names -- Shannon and Darren. Calmly, Yokas takes out the photograph and begins to ask the two tots whether they've seen the girl pictured there. "That's Suzy," Shannon blurts immediately. Yokas is stunned. "That is Suzy," she says carefully. "Have you seen her?" Shannon says that Suzy left with "the policeman" yesterday. Yokas thanks them, then quite sweetly offers to buy them some food. The kids are well-reared enough to be wary, but Yokas wins them over with the badge. You know, this is interesting. It's exactly the way Suzy went missing -- she wandered off with a policeman -- and here is Yokas, rewarding the kids for helping her out by encouraging them to wander off with a cop. Ooookay. Yokas ups the ante, telling them she'll turn on the siren. Shannon says she'll go as long as Yokas promises to bring her back. "I love cheeseburgers," offers Darren. Good lad.

At the fire scene, the panicked potential victim throws one leg over the window ledge, pretty much primed to plummet. "Stay inside," Jimmy shouts. Turning to D.K., he outlines the plan: they'll tie the rope around D.K., who will brace himself against the parapet and rely on Billy to push down on his torso to anchor him to the ground. It's a really dicey plan, but for whatever reason, all the men agree to try it. I think it's because they're heroes.

Yokas helps the kids into the patrol car and maternally reminds them to strap on their seatbelts. I love that cop cars still provide safety belts in their back seats, so that felons will enjoy state-of-the-art safety. Although I guess not wearing a seatbelt is technically illegal, but whatever. I gave myself a good chuckle, which is evidently very easy. Yokas shuts the door and walks around to the front of the car. "They know anything?" he asks. She: They know everything. They said the policeman came here yesterday and took Suzy. He: Policeman? She: The sister's husband...He: Is a cop from Jersey City. She: Bingo. He: It's a domestic thing. The revelations pour from them, and they excitedly head for their car doors. "Looks like if we find the husband, we all get to go home," Bosco breathes. We fade to commercial on the realization that nothing will ever be as simple as Bosco wants it to be.

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