Thy Will Be Done

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Thy Will Be Done

Luka checks on Bishop Cromwell, assisted by Lily. Luka translates the jargon to tell Bishop Cromwell that he has non-specific EKG changes, and that there's a friction rub around his heart. Bishop Cromwell chuckles, "I'm creaky all over!" He sits up, and Luka asks him whether Bishop Cromwell's had chest pain. Bishop Cromwell says he has; Luka asks whether he has today. Bishop Cromwell admits that he did this morning. Luka asks for how long, and Bishop Cromwell says it lasted half an hour. Luka says that Bishop Cromwell may have fluid around his heart, and therefore be at risk for a heart attack. Bishop Cromwell insists that he feels fine. Luka tells him they need to get a cardiac echo and admit him. "No," Bishop Cromwell replies flatly. Luka says that he needs to monitor Bishop Cromwell's heart for at least six hours, and Bishop Cromwell snaps, "I'll stay around six hours, then, but I don't want to be checked in." Luka says he'd rather observe Bishop Cromwell in the cardiac unit, and Bishop Cromwell growls, "Look. I don't want my life to end in a hospital." Luka promises, "You're not going to die today." "I will not be admitted!" Bishop Cromwell yells. Luka regards him, just in time for a Hey! It's That Guy! who's basically the low-rent Adam Arkin (trust me, you'd know him if you saw him) to slam into the room, trailed by his honey-blonde wife. Low-Rent Adam asks Luka whether he's Nick's doctor, and Luka says he is. Low-Rent Adam whines that Nick's only got a nurse attending him, and Luka tells Low-Rent Adam that Nick is stable at the moment. Honey Blonde -- apparently having no problem discussing her son's intimate medical history in front of the total stranger that is Bishop Cromwell -- gasps, "He was in heart failure?" Luka says that Nick was, and is responding to aggressive therapy. They wander out of Bishop Cromwell's room as Luka says that Nick was experiencing pulmonary edema. Low-Rent Adam says that the same thing happened after Nick's second transplant. "He's had two?" Luka asks incredulously. Honey Blonde says, "One when he was four, then again when he was ten, and now he's on the list for a third." Okay, I don't want to be a hard-ass or anything, but I think when it comes to people taking hearts off the dead, the limit should really be one per customer. More than that, and you're just greedy. Low-Rent Adam adds, "They did angioplasty last year, but he's still so weak!" Luka asks both parents whether Nick's ever told them that he doesn't want more surgery. Honey Blonde dismissively tells Luka that Nick says that when he's depressed: "He takes fifteen medications a day! He's still so sick." Um. Dude. That would depress anyone. Luka noncommittally says that's a lot for a sixteen-year-old to take. Low-Rent Adam asks Luka to call UNOS and tell them to move up Nick's transplant status. Luka says he was waiting to speak to them, to make sure that was what they wanted to do. "Of course we do!" snaps Honey Blonde, horrified. Luka assents.

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