Thy Will Be Done

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Thy Will Be Done

Mark: Hep--
Romano: Hep?
Mark: Hep--
Romano: Hep? Heparin? Heptathlon?
Mark: Hep...atitis!
Romano: Tough one!

I hate Mark, so, heh. Mark looks like he's holding back tears of embarrassment. Romano adds, "Tell you what. You want to start a needle exchange, do it from your house." Romano dicks off. Mark angrily snatches his cap off and slams it into the garbage. Which is sort of sad, because it's just a little piece of folded fabric and doesn't make a big, loud angry sound, or anything.

At Lisa's, something that sounds kind of like Pavement plays in the background as Lisa applies pink lipstick and then wipes it off. She has a couple of curlers rolled into the very top of her head and seems to have on a black suit jacket with a white blouse underneath. There's a knock at the door; she quickly unrolls the curlers and fluffs at the ringlets with her hands. Her hair looks fantastic. Like, immediately. Damn her wash-and-go hairdo for making me want to cut my hair just when it's long enough to put in pigtails! Though it reminds me of an episode of Newsradio on which Beth told Lisa that she'd always been jealous of Lisa's big apartment and manageable hair, and Lisa sarcastically said she was sorry that Beth wasn't able to budget for both rent and conditioner. Anyway, Lisa goes to open the door for Carter, who's standing in the hall wearing a tuxedo with a black coat over it, and, of course, a white silk scarf around his collar. Lisa comments that he's wearing a tuxedo. Carter takes a step forward to enter her apartment, but she stands in his way and yelps, "You didn't say it was formal!" "I didn't?" Carter repeats, quietly. "No!" Lisa squeals. "Yeah, it's formal," Carter admits. Lisa tells him he tricked her, and stands aside to let him in. Carter tells her she looks "terrific," and she complains that they don't match -- though they kind of do, both in black suits with white shirts and stuff. Carter offers to go change. Lisa whines that she doesn't even know if she has a dress. "Wanna go buy one?" Carter offers. Lisa hesitates before saying no, because really, she does. Whatever you think about Pretty Woman, everyone -- man or woman -- secretly harbors a fantasy of having some rich dude take you on a shopping spree. Lisa heads back for the bedroom to change. Carter calls after her, "You mad at me?" "Yes!" she coos. The door swings partly closed behind her, and she calls, "Did you get a haircut?" Carter admits that he did, and beams that she noticed. Aw.

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