Thy Will Be Done

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Thy Will Be Done

Luka examines Nick, who asks him to whom his parents are talking. Luka says they're talking to Dr. Corday, and that she's a surgeon. Nick reminds him that he told Luka he didn't want surgery, and Luka points out that Nick was in a lot of pain when he said that. "I still meant it," Nick breathlessly insists. Luka tells him that he won't survive without the transplant. Nick laboriously says, "I was hoping to make it to my prom, but if I can't, I can't." Luka tells him that, with a new heart, he will. Nick asks, "Do you know what it's like to have your chest split open?" Luka offers, "I know what it's like to have your skull split open. Well, not first-hand." Just kidding. Really, he says he doesn't. We get a close-up of Nick's face, and see for the first time that he has all this patchy facial hair around his jaw and a little under his lip; a kid at my high school was sick and had that, too. Nick practically sobs, "I can barely walk to class, I get so tired. I take pills every two hours. And I look like a freak from the side effects! It's not worth it!" Luka presses his lips together.

In the hall, Honey Blonde is asking Elizabeth "Umbilical" Corday, "He's at the top of the list?" "Yes -- status 1-A," Elizabeth confirms, adding that it's now just a matter of finding the right donor heart. Low-Rent Adam complains that they waited a month the last time Nick was status 1-A, and Elizabeth says that there are more possibilities now that Nick is a little older. Luka emerges from Nick's trauma room and repeats that Nick doesn't want a new heart. And I have to say we have seen this before -- back in the Doug era, with a kid who had cystic fibrosis and who was dating Clea DuVall and whose mom was Veronica Cartwright, and who wanted not to be resuscitated even though he was only a hair under eighteen, and Doug went along with him but then his mom overruled him and they put the kid on a respirator and moved him to the ICU and then the kid flipped Doug off? Remember? Yeah, me too. Honey Blonde actually holds up a semi-"whatever" hand as she sniffs at Luka, "We explained that to you," and returns her attention to Dr. Yes Corday. Luka persists, "He's thought it out. He has good reasons. I think you should listen to them." Low-Rent Adam snorts, "He's sixteen!" Luka counters, "And he is tired of living like this." Honey Blonde defensively snaps, "Well, I'm not giving up on him because he's tired." Luka gently notes, "I'm only telling you what Nick told me." Honey Blonde bares her teeth at Luka to say, "I understand," and then asks Elizabeth, "When do we move him to the unit?" "Shouldn't be too long," she promises. Way to back up a colleague, Elizabitch.

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