Thy Will Be Done

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Thy Will Be Done

Lisa is uncomfortable around Carter's awesome wealth. We already saw this a few seasons back with Anna. Carter says that he mentioned the date to Luka, and they both agree that he didn't mind about their date. Lisa adds that Luka "doesn't get jealous...ever." Um. When else would he? Red herring. Total Three Creamer. There's an awkward pause, which Lisa fills by saying that she's never been to the Natural History Museum before. Carter extols the museum's virtues, which apparently include dinosaurs and cavemen. "Dinosaurs? And dancing?" Lisa asks. Carter says that his grandparents "like spectacle," but that the event won't be a big deal: "A few people."

Ironic cut to the guests arriving at the museum; outside are paparazzi and cops directing traffic. Lisa takes in the scene and tells Carter that he is "so dead." She asks whether he grew up around "these kind of things," and Carter says he did, and that if she hates it, they can leave in half an hour. She confidently tells him that she won't hate it. They agree to avoid a photographer taking pictures of happy, dressed-up couples standing outside in the cold, and hurry inside.

Back at County, Jeff is getting ready to leave when Dr. Dave comes in and asks where HatefulSean is. Jeff poutily says that he's moving the car. Dr. Dave says he doesn't want to wait to give Jeff his test results: "Your viral test is back: no virus detected." Jeff, even more poutily, confirms, "So I'm really HIV-negative." "Definitely negative," Dr. Dave repeats. As Jeff dons his coat, Dr. Dave asks, "You and Sean are close, huh?" Jeff says they've been together almost a year (which -- if Buddy Cole is to be believed -- is, in gay terms, three reincarnations of the same relationship). Dr. Dave says that's nice, but that nothing's worth dying for. "I'm not dying," Jeff says dully. Dr. Dave agrees that he's safe right now, but that Jeff has to protect himself. Jeff says that he's going to get HIV eventually, and Dr. Dave says that he won't if he practises safe sex. Jeff mumbles, "I don't want to treat Sean like he's contaminated. If we use a condom, that's how he feels." Dr. Dave says, "HIV can kill you, Jeff." Jeff, angrily moving toward the door, says that he knows a lot of people living with it. Dr. Dave counters that he's seen a lot of people who'd rather be living without it. Jeff hesitates. Dr. Dave asks how old he is; Jeff says he's twenty-three. Dr. Dave points out that Jeff has fifty or sixty years ahead of him. Jeff turns away and says, "I love him." Dr. Dave says that, if Sean loves Jeff, he should want Jeff to stay healthy. Jeff blurts, "He thinks that this is the only way we can really be intimate." Okay, that is a viral load of bullshit, kids. Always use a condom, no matter what -- and if your partner doesn't want to, that's all the more reason you should insist. Which Dr. Dave, to his credit, pretty much says: "That's easy for him to say. He's got the virus." Jeff turns back around and desperately says, "I don't have anybody else!" "You have yourself," says Dr. Dave, which is the right thing to say (though perhaps not the most effective thing to say to someone whose self-esteem is as low as Jeff's), and much better than, as some on the forums feared he might say, "You have me."

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