Thy Will Be Done

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Thy Will Be Done

Dr. Dave rubs his eyes and heads for the desk, where Mark intercepts him and makes small talk about the weekend; Dr. Dave deflects. Mark stands beside Haleh and eavesdrops as she talks to paramedic unit 104 on the radio; Weaver, just behind Mark, also eavesdrops. The paramedic says he's at the home of a sixty-five-year-old man: "Collapsed in the bathroom; found him in v-fib." Mark asks Haleh to move aside; Weaver pricks up her ears. The paramedic continues, "Defibrillated times four, gave epi and lidocaine; now in asystole." Mark grunts, "He's gone," and says into the radio, "This is Dr. Greene. What's the down time?" The paramedic says that they've been there fifteen minutes, and that the patient was probably down another ten before that. Mark asks whether they got any medical history, and the paramedic says "Two MIs; status post-bypass surgery." Mark asks when the patient's last doctor's appointment was, and the paramedic asks him to hold on. In the pause, Mark tells Haleh, "If he's seen a PMD in the last month, they can sign the death certificate -- save us the trouble." Haleh looks disturbed. The paramedic comes back on to say that the patient saw his cardiologist nine days ago. Mark asks, "Still in asystole?" "For the last five minutes," the paramedic confirms. Weaver moves closer to the radio as Mark says, "That's it, stop CPR." "What?" sputters the paramedic. "I'm pronouncing him: time of death, 21:18," says Mark. "Can you do that?" Haleh asks. Weaver confirms that you can. Mark tells the paramedic, "Tell the family that everything was done under physician guidance, but he did not respond." The paramedic confusedly asks whether Mark wants them to bring the patient to the hospital, but Mark tells him to tell the patient's family to call a funeral home, and signs off. Haleh quietly says, "I don't know why that was necessary." Mark rhetorically asks, "What's the point of going through the motions."

On the other side of Weaver's terminal, an irritated-sounding man introduces himself as Dr. Frost, Bishop Cromwell's personal physician.

Benefit. Lisa and Carter leave the dance floor and enjoy twin glasses of either ginger ale or club soda; I can't tell. Suddenly before them is Slimy Richard, Lisa's ex-husband. (And yet he's so cute as Will Gluck on Once & Again!) He says hi; she curtly asks what he's doing there. In response, Richard asks what she's doing there. She says she's there with a friend, and introduces Carter to Richard. The men do not shake hands. Lisa asks what Richard's doing at a charity event; Richard says he's there with Alexis, who went to get them drinks. Alexis duly appears, in a 1940s-looking strappy red gown. "Is she old enough to drink?" Lisa asks. Alexis asks Richard who Lisa is; Richard introduces her. Carter makes to steer Lisa out of the awkward conversation, but before they can make their escape, Richard asks, "Where have I seen that dress before?" Lisa tells him he hasn't, but Richard swears he has, and smugly recalls, "My sister's wedding. You were a bridesmaid." Lisa pauses for a beat, and then tightly smirks, "Oh, always the gentleman, Richard. Thank you." Everyone locks eyes for a moment, and then Alexis suggests to Richard that they sit down. As they leave, Lisa asks Carter, "Am I awake, or was that just a nightmare?"

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