Thy Will Be Done

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Thy Will Be Done

County; Dr. Frost is dressing down Luka -- and not in the way we'd like to see him dressed down. Luka recaps the Bishop's story line, and Dr. Frost sputters, "Last week?" Luka tells Dr. Frost that this is Bishop Cromwell's second time at County. Dr. Frost backstories, "He has diabetes! Steroids put him in the ICU last year with DKA!" Luka growls that he didn't know that, and Dr. Frost snits, "Which is why you should have contacted his primary physician." Luka starts to say why he didn't, but Dr. Frost interrupts to demand what Bishop Cromwell's sugar is. Luka snaps that it's 348, and Dr. Frost sarcastically yells, "Oh, great work, doctor. You're destroying his vision, his kidneys, his circulation...." Luka says that he's changed his approach now that he knows about Bishop Cromwell's diabetes. Dr. Frost pisses, "I've been treating Bishop Stewart for fifteen years. He doesn't need another physician." Luka pisses back, "Well, maybe you should tell him that, because he came to me." Whose turf is it, now? Anyway, Dr. Frost melodramatizes, "Underneath that robe, he's just a man, like anyone else!" Luka counters, "A man facing death." "And right now he's drug-seeking," Dr. Frost surmises. "He just wants to feel right again," Luka exhales. Dr. Frost says that isn't possible, and asks to see him.

At the desk, Finch tells 104 she'll see them at the back door. Mark comes along just in time to stick his big nose in and snit, "What's going on?" Finch says that 104 is bringing in a full arrest. Mark says he just talked to 104. "They called en route -- cardiac arrest," Finch repeats. "I already pronounced him!" Mark yelps. "Does not compute," Finch crashes.

Outside, paramedics unload the bed from the rig. Mark trots out yelling, "No, no, no, no," like he's a bouncer at a trendy club. He reminds the crew that they went over this on the radio. Morales says that the family "freaked" and insisted that they bring him to the hospital. "Do not unload the patient!" Mark yells. Morales reminds Mark, "We have to! We're here!" Mark says that the man's been dead for an hour, and Morales says that the family wanted the patient to see a doctor, and that they're right behind the paramedics. Weaver crutches out, and Mark tells her, "He's not supposed to be here." Weaver tells another paramedic, whose face we can't really see, to stop CPR. Weaver overrules Mark and tells the paramedic to resume compressions. Mark's all tiny-penis, "I said STOP. This is the guy that died at home." Weaver tells Finch to continue, and to set up Trauma Two for a full arrest. The bed is whisked away, and Mark tells Weaver, "He's dead." Weaver says, "When the paramedics bring us a patient, we have to care for him."

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