Thy Will Be Done

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Thy Will Be Done

Inside, Mark and Weaver trail the man's bed to Trauma Two. Mark passive-aggressively tells Chuny to put a shroud out on the bed. "Shroud?" she repeats. Mark says he's dead, and that setting out a shroud might save some time. "Mark," Weaver says, in a warning tone. Mark insists, "You're not going to get him back, Kerry." "We still try!" she yells. "Are you running this, or am I?" Mark passive-aggresses, "Fine. What's his rhythm?" Morales says he's still asystole. Mark taunts Weaver, "Hm. What do you think, Kerry? Another amp of epi might get him back?"

Moments later, Mark confirms that the patient's pupils are fixed and dilated, as Finch robotically continues doing compressions. With everything beeping (including Finch), Mark asks, "Dr. Finch, would you concur that the rhythm is asystole?" "Yesss," she hisses. Mark says that code is over, and tells her to take out the tubes and cleans the body. Weaver sternly indicates the door to the trauma room and tells Mark, "That's the family." "I hope this helped them," Mark snots.

Lisa sticks her head out the limousine window and rants about Richard's "crying poor," yet showing up at the benefit, and the debatable attractiveness of Alexis. Carter looks uncomfortable. Lisa says, "I don't see it." Carter says he thinks "this" is silly. Lisa reminds him that it's a blue BMW; Carter suggests that they could have taken Alexis's car. Lisa asks what Carter thinks she might drive, and he offers, "A Lexus? Get it?" and laughs at his own feeble joke. Carter asks what she's going to do if they find it: "Key it?" Lisa says she's going to slash the tires. Carter says that would be overkill. Lisa exclaims that she sees it. The driver stops the limousine, and Lisa tumbles out, Carter reluctantly following. She crouches beside the right rear wheel and asks Carter if he has a pen. He hands it over, asking why, and she says she's being restrained by letting the air out of the tires. He asks how many tires. She thinks two is fair, but Carter bargains her down to one. Lisa giggles as the air hisses out, and then slips on her heels and bangs her head against the tire, setting off the alarm. Carter asks what they do now, and Lisa laughs, "I think we have to run!" They hurry back into the limo, which peels out. I'm not sure if we're supposed to think that Lisa's acting this way because she's drunk; I really hope not.

County. Nick's doing well. Luka asks where he's going, and Romano says he's going to the ICU to be extubated. Luka asks about a heart, and Romano says that he's going to recommend surgery to the transplant committee. They arrive at Nick's bed; Honey Blonde and Low-Rent Adam glare across it at Luka. He holds their gaze a moment, then looks down at Nick, who can't talk due to the huge-ass tube in his mouth, but whose eyes implore Luka to keep fighting for his right not to have surgery. Luka looks dark, and asks for a word with Dr. Romano, which he uses to tell Romano that Nick doesn't want the surgery. Romano perfunctorily says that the decision is his parents', and that Nick will thank them for the surgery, in a few years. At least Nick doesn't flip Luka off.

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