Thy Will Be Done

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Thy Will Be Done

Mark and his stupid earflap hat strut through the ambulance bay. Weaver hurries out after him, calling, "We have to talk about this!" Mark stops, folds his hands, and prisses, "And what might 'this' be?" Instead of jamming her cane into his duodenum as payback for his insubordination, Weaver cites, "The way you've been acting -- abrupt, cavalier..." "...realistic?" Mark finishes for her. Weaver gently asks, "Are you ready to be back?" Mark purses his lips and insists, "Yes, I am." Weaver tells him he's still reaching for words. Mark tightly murmurs that he's fine. Weaver asks, "What happens in a code if you need a cardiac drug and you can't think of the name?" Mark says, "That won't happen." "I am asking you to take some time off," Weaver and I both ask, in perfect two-part harmony. "I'm telling you, no," Mark stubborns, and continues on his non-merry way. Fuck off, Mark. Forever. I mean, everyone is willing to cut you all kinds of slack because of your health problems, so don't repay their kindness by shitting on their gestures and fucking up your work environment, particularly when PEOPLE'S LIVES ARE AT STAKE. GOD.

Bishop Cromwell puts on his coat and prepares to leave. Luka comes in to tell Bishop Cromwell that Dr. Frost has arranged for him to have more tests next week. Bishop Cromwell asks whether Dr. Frost gave Luka hell, and Luka admits that he was pretty angry. Bishop Cromwell twinkles that Dr. Frost is possessive about Bishop Cromwell's care, and Luka replies by saying that a couple of Bishop Cromwell's tests are normal. Bishop Cromwell shakes Luka's hand, and thanks him for his care, and for listening. He makes to go, then stops at the door to say he noticed the doctors taking Nick away, and asks what happened. Luka tells him -- not that Bishop Cromwell really needs to know, or anything -- that Nick will have the surgery. "I'm sorry," says Bishop Cromwell. Luka says he is, too. "You think he should have been able to choose how he wanted to live?" Bishop Cromwell leads the witness. Luka says he does. "Well, I want to work," says Bishop Cromwell. "Do you still want the steroids?" Luka smirks. "I need to work," says Bishop Cromwell. Luka unlocks a cabinet and prepares a syringe. This isn't going to be good for anybody.

From some high elevation, Lisa and Carter watch as Richard's car is towed from an otherwise empty parking lot, presumably many hours after the end of the benefit. Carter congratulates Lisa on ruining Richard's and Alexis's evening, and they hop back into the limo. Lisa says that she feels sort of bad, now. Carter asks why, and she says it's because she ruined their night, too. Carter: "Ruined? How?" Lisa offers, "Besides the vandalism? The fact that we're freezing to death? The fact that you didn't even see your grandmother?" Carter says that Gamma knows he was there, and that's enough. "Okay, then, I guess, nothing," Lisa giggles. Carter says he had "an okay time," and Lisa says she did, too.

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