Thy Will Be Done

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Thy Will Be Done

In the hall, Lisa runs into Luka, who asks if everything's okay. Lisa shrugs, "We just lost a patient." Luka says, "That singer you like is playing at the hotel tonight." Lisa chirps, "Really?" "Ten o'clock," Luka confirms. Lisa says she told Carter she'd go somewhere with him tonight. Luka sits down at a desk in the hall and distractedly says, "Oh. Okay." Lisa adds (unnecessarily, it seems), "It's a fundraiser thing. His date stood him up." Luka glances up and says, "It's not a problem. I have a pile of journals to read." Lisa says, "Well, I'm sorry -- I wouldn't have said yes if --" At this point Haleh interrupts to give Luka Bishop Cromwell's labs, saying that the bishop's blood sugar is high. Lisa regards Luka, a bit sadly, and he insists, "Go! Have fun!" Lisa wanders off, arms crossed over her chest. Luka tells Haleh, "Draw five units." Haleh tells Luka to look at the bishop's ANA. Apparently that data is troubling, because Luka asks, "Do you have his BUN and creatinine?" "Renal insufficiency," says Haleh. Ruh roh!

Carter walks into Jeff's exam room with Jeff's test results. Jeff stares out the window. Carter asks whether he's okay, and Jeff says he's "just nervous." Carter jovially tells Jeff to sit down, and says that the bad news is that Jeff has mononucleosis, but that if he rests up, he'll bounce back in a couple of weeks. "Mono," Jeff repeats dully. Carter tells him he'll be all right. Jeff asks about his blood count, and Carter says that his white cells are a little elevated, but that that's consistent with mono. Jeff asks about his CD4 count, and Carter asks, "Are you HIV-positive? 'Cause we only do that if you are." Jeff says that he was negative five months ago, but that he's been exposed to the virus since then. "You've had unprotected sex?" Carter asks. "With an infected partner," Jeff adds, for good measure. "Do you know how unsafe that is?" Carter brays, smirking. God, Carter! Shut! UP! Do you know how obnoxious you are? Jeff says he guesses he just gets "caught up," and Carter smirks, "You've got to put a stop to that, Jeff." Jeff nods, chastened. Carter? For someone whose ass should be in Betty Ford right now, you are really working my nerves with the holier-than-thou routine. County already has a Judgy Judgerson, or have you not met Mark?

Luka approaches a glass door, and gazes through it at Bishop Cromwell, who's looking all cute and vulnerable sitting on the bed, waiting for the bad news. Luka enters, looking dour. "My sugar that bad?" Bishop Cromwell asks. "Three hundred forty-eight," Luka says. "Maybe I should go back on the glipizide," Bishop Cromwell muses. "Right now you need insulin," Luka tells him, adding, "There was also protein in your urine, so I ordered an ANA. That's a test for a disease called lupus." "I know," says Bishop Cromwell, "I take plaquenil. Two hundred milligrams a day." "You lied to me?" Luka demands. Bishop Cromwell chuckles, "I wanted to avoid a debate." Luka raises his voice: "I may have harmed you by giving you those steroids!" Bishop Cromwell insists, "The steroids help me. I can move around, make visits, do my work. Without them, I'm stuck in bed." Luka, losing patience: "The steroids raise your blood sugar so high that the diabetes destroys your body!" Bishop Cromwell insists, "I need to continue my ministry. You understand?" Luka stares at him, sadly. Bishop Cromwell gets up and goes for his coat, sighing, "Anyway. Thank you for your time." Luka says that he needs to perform a complete physical exam. Bishop Cromwell gently laughs, "No, I'm sorry -- I've got a lot on my plate today." Luka urgently tells him, "I need to make sure I didn't harm you with my treatment!" Bishop Cromwell hesitates, and Luka adds, "You owe me that much." Bishop Cromwell twinkles, "And what is it you think I owe you?" Luka exhales, and says, "Bishop, lupus is very serious. It can attack your kidneys, lungs -- your heart." "I know what it does, Dr. Kovac," says Bishop Cromwell. "I even know I'm going to die from it." Aw, the nice bishop's going to die! Ha ha ho man, this episode is just a laff riot, isn't it. Thank god for the commercials.

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