Thy Will Be Done

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Thy Will Be Done

At the desk, Carter is handing Weaver a bunch of charts and giving her final instructions on them. He stops at the last one -- Jeff's -- saying that the patient is still waiting for the results of an HIV test. Weaver says that Dr. Dave (standing just behind them) can take it. Carter cautions her that this case is quite delicate. Weaver says, "Malucci can be delicate," and takes off, Dr. Dave calling after her, "Thank you, Chief!" Carter tries to protest some more, but she's already gone, and Dr. Dave's in Carter's face. Carter announces, "Dave, this is going to require some tact." And you would know that, because that's what you were exercising when you were lecturing and smirking all over Jeff's ass? Because if that's tact, I think the word means something different in Canada. Dr. Dave says, "You got it." Carter raises his eyebrows and then explains, "He's a patient with mono, he's gay, refuses to use condoms. Think you can talk to him? Without being insensitive?" Dr. Dave grins, "Sure. I'll wrap it all up in a nice, big bow." Goddamn that Dr. Dave for being the one to tell Carter to get the hell over himself!

Carter walks out from the desk, only to be stopped by Luka, who asks him to take a construction worker who's had a pane of glass dropped on him. Carter tells Luka that he's off, and has to hurry. "Oh, yeah -- the fundraiser," Luka recalls. Carter, I guess, feels the need to explain it with a disclaimer: "It's more like a family obligation; it's nothing really exciting." Luka asks what the charity is, and Carter says it's for after-school enrichment programs. "'Enrichment'?" Luka asks, and Carter defines it as "extra education -- arts, music, that kind of thing." Luka fixes Carter with an appraising look, taking a silent swig of water. Carter stammers, "Actually, Abby's saving me from getting heat from my grandparents. They kind of insist that I bring somebody." Luka nods, and neutrally says that he hopes the benefit's successful.

Sidebar -- but you knew I'd call for a sidebar, didn't you? Okay, I really don't want to make myself out as a hard-core Lisa/Luka 'shipper, because really, I don't care whether they stay together or make it as a couple or not -- though they still strike me as having more chemistry than Mark/Elizabeth and Cleo/Benton, combined. But I still don't think that the producers have shown us enough of Lisa's and Luka's interactions to make a determination as to whether or not their relationship is "healthy" -- or even if it's a relationship at all. They've been on one date that we've seen. In this episode, it's suggested that there have been more, in the reference to the singer Lisa's seen at the hotel, probably more than once. But Lisa didn't hesitate to accept Carter's invitation to the ball, which suggests that they're not exclusive. I know that Lisa was trying to goad Luka into some expression of possessiveness when she told him about the date, but I think we're meant to see that he was distracted (more so after he heard about the bishop's condition), and I think this last scene between Luka and Carter was meant to show us Luka's sizing Carter up and trying to take his measure as a possible rival. Yes, I know that, a few pages from now, Lisa will complain that Luka never seems to get jealous about anything, but she wasn't here to witness this scene, and maybe Luka didn't want to do it in front of her because (a) it's kind of prickish, and he doesn't want her to see him that way, and (b) the last time he was protective of her, a guy died. In conclusion, I still maintain that the jury is out on Lisa and Luka. You know, in case you were wondering where I stood on the issue.

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