Touch And Go

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Touch And Go

This leaves Abby and Luka alone, and they stand around and clear their throats and practically whistle while they wait for a suitably sharp knife with which to cut the tension. "They got together after I left," Luka says, almost as if he figures Abby's wondering why he never told her about Kem. "You okay?" he asks after a beat. "Yeah," Abby says immediately. "Okay," he says, just as fast. Another pause. Abby checks the temperature and decides it's warm enough to dive right into Gossip Lake. "Boy, did he knock her up the minute he got there?" she says conspiratorially, hiding her hurt with a joke. Luka, though, doesn't follow her in, because he fears the water's still cold enough to cause some hurtful, rumor-mongering shrinkage. Instead, he shrugs awkwardly, trying to remain jolly. Silence. "Going home?" he asks. "No, the on-call room," Abby says. They both nod uncomfortably, and then flicker their gazes toward each other -- the first time their eyes have met in this scene -- before totally giving up and turning away in sync, hightailing it in opposite directions. That was a well-timed segment. And, Abby certainly gave voice to what a lot of the posters have been writing. She didn't really come across as bitchy, though, so much as trying to make a joke out of the fact that she not only got dumped via mail, but got replaced with a quickness.

A stabbing victim gets wheeled in, screaming as much as you'd expect a person to scream when he's punctured like the plastic over microwave lasagna. He's got two wounds in the upper left thigh, and he's bleeding copiously. But the wound's in a weird place, and they can't find anything to stem the tide. Suddenly, Luka gets a sexy brainwave. "Undo my belt," he blurts. Neela's eyes fly open. "What?" she gapes. It takes all the will power I have to keep from lunging at my television set and scraping at it myself in the vain hope of breaking into that beautiful, beautiful fortress. These writers are total teases. "I need a tourniquet!" Luka explains. Neela offers up her own belt rather than rip off his, which I feel is a heart-rending example of her short-sightedness and poor judgment. She tears off her belt and wraps it around the man's thigh, but he's fighting them too vigorously for her to make it work. Luka heaves himself up onto the gurney and sits on the guy to pin him down, and I think I'd honestly be willing to score some puncture wounds if Luka would hurl himself atop me. Neela gets the tourniquet in place. "Where'd you learn that trick?" she asks, admiringly. "From a Congolese nurse named Mwadi," he grins. They head off into the sunset, passing Pratt, who is instructed to grab a med student and check on Martin.

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