Touch And Go

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Touch And Go

As Pratt suffers silently, Mrs. Webster creeps up behind him and coos, "It's okay, baby." Tiredly, Pratt repeats that she has to get back to bed before she has an accident. "I know you're busy. But Mama still loves you," Mrs. Webster murmurs. Pratt watches sadly as a nurse takes her away.

Sam returns to the hospital, a pouting Alex in tow. "Hi Chuny," he says gloomily. Frank gleefully tells Sam that the nursing director called, and will put her on probation if she takes another emergency break. "Perfect," she curses. Luka overhears, as is his wont, and asks if everything's okay with Alex. He ought to know by now that the answer to that question is always "No." Sam lies that it's fine, and that he just didn't have school today, and hightails it over to Carter. "I know we just met, but I wondered if you could do me a favor," she begs.

A woman with AIDS-related lymphoma is wheeled into Trauma Green. Gallant is with her, having returned to County because Malarkey went home sick. Why did they write out Coop? I don't get it. Luka joins him in treating the woman, whose name is Ruthie; Pratt ends up on the case, too. "Sorry about this morning," he says to Gallant during a quiet moment. "Yeah? You didn't look too sorry," crabs Gallant. Of course he didn't. It's called "afterglow." In the meantime, Luka is quietly attending to his patient, drawing out that she doesn't have a doctor, and revealing that her problem today is heart-related. He promises to take care of her. This means she's going to die. Everything on this show, so I've learned, more or less foreshadows some form of doom.

Alex sustained a nasty scrape that Carter is examining. "I can't believe he sutured himself," Sam exhales. God, neither can I. With what? Where in his school did MacGyver Jr. find the right kind of thread and a needle? The Home Ec room? Carter is impressed at what a good job Alex did. "I numbed it with an ice cube," Alex says proudly. Carter can't hide his interest. "Don't encourage him," Sam groans. Carter smiles that he's adding one more stitch to be safe, and that they can come out in seven days. "I can do it!" Alex chirps. "I don't think so," Sam says immediately. She thanks Carter, and then forces a laugh. "You ever see a kid do something this crazy before?" she asks, and you can tell that through the mirth she's desperately hoping Carter will say, "Oh, all the time -- five times today, in fact." But he doesn't; rather, he shakes his astonished head. Sam's face falls.

Pratt and Gallant continue to spar verbally over Ruthie's sick body. "She's a grown woman," Pratt says. "We work together -- some respect for that would've been nice," offers Gallant. Pratt would prefer it if Gallant acknowledged that they're all consenting adults with consenting genitalia. "Take it outside," Luka snaps. Thank God someone finally said it -- these people argue all the time in the trauma rooms and I've long wanted one of the patients to sit up and be like, "This is about ME, nadsucks!" They leave as Luka gently props Ruthie up. "Just when it was getting good," she scolds him.

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