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Touch And Go

Outside, Gallant insists, "It's not personal." Pratt figures that being deemed unsuitable for entry certainly is personal, especially when Valerie herself was fine with it. "I got news for you, Mike -- it's not your call," Pratt seethes. Valerie was totally the one who pursued Pratt, too. Granted, not because Pratt was respecting Gallant's boundaries, but because he didn't know if he should nail a girl with MS. Still, she pounced the most. Suddenly, the door of an exam room flies open, and a tousled, unrested Abby darts out. "I give up," she grumbles. Gallant argues that Pratt barely knows Valerie, and right when Pratt's trying to blame that on Gallant himself, Sam interrupts that Martin's finished with his MRI, and Pratt's presence is required.

Luka tells Ruthie that she's got a tumor in her heart that requires surgery. Ruthie essentially tells him not to bother, because she's already hosed and it's not really a life-saving operation if she's going to die of AIDS, so they should save it for the next patient who has a chance. Luka is sad to hear this, and we're supposed to be as well, but since we've only known Ruthie for four minutes, we're too busy rooting around in the fridge for that can of frosting to care what she does.

Abby, clad now in her white lab coat, ties back her hair and grabs a patient from the rack. "I thought you weren't on until 4," Sam says. "I'm not, but I couldn't sleep, so I figured I'd make myself useful," Abby replies. Sam picks at her scrubs, and then casually asks Abby if she knows what their benefits are like -- say, for instance, if she wanted to get family counseling. Abby doesn't pick up on the "My son is a sociopath" vibe, cheerfully telling her that it's covered up to 80%, but with an annual limit. Then she toddles off so that Sam can look pensive all by her lonesome.

Valerie enters and begins to ask Sam something, but Gallant interrupts. "What are you doing here?" he asks. "Looking for you," she answers. "Yeah, right. Seen Pratt anywhere around here?" he sasses to Sam. Valerie nudges him away from the desk and whispers that she did come to see him, because she didn't want to leave things so bad. "For real?" Gallant softens. God, he's acting like a jealous lover. She's your sister, Gallant. Step off. Val promises to be more considerate the next time she visits, and then hugs him and exits to find her cab. "Don't be so serious all the time," she cautions him lightly. Gallant looks happy. What a waste of Joy Bryant's cameo -- she came, she had MS, she conquered Mount Pratt, and she left. Boring. But I guess she taught the world that MS sufferers can have orgasms, too, so that's something.

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