Touch And Go

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Touch And Go

As if to punish Neela for her adoring comment about Luka, Pratt fires a question at her that she answers correctly. Pratt stops in front of the open drug lock-up, where he catches Abby stretching and yawning. "Lockhart! You belong to me at 4. Better be sharper than that," he calls out. Malik is like, "What crawled up his ureter and used it to hang itself?" "Could this day suck more?" Abby gapes. Which is an overly dramatic rhetorical question, considering that she's had far worse days -- indeed, in case she's forgotten, most days this season have out-sucked this one. Abby's got to start taking her ginseng.

Carter taps on the glass in front of the triage cage. "The sign-in sheet is over there," Sam says politely. Carter snickers, exchanges an amused glance with Kem, and coughs a little as he puts his ID badge against the glass -- almost as if he's amused that this poor illiterate paean doesn't recognize Christ when she sees him. "I'm not a patient," he says. Sam looks up, reads the badge, and breaks into a wide smile. "Dr. Carter! It's nice to finally put a face to the name," she says, buzzing them into Reception. Carter's still wearing the same bemused expression, apparently unsure as to why Sam doesn't recognize him, because surely the hospital has hung a loving portrait of him in the halls, to which all aspiring void-fillers and smug jackasses pay homage when they arrive at work. Sam shakes his hand enthusiastically, and Carter introduces Kem.

Chuny spies Carter and squeals. "How are you?!?" shouts a delighted Haleh. Both swarm him, followed by Malik and a few other nurses. Okay, Carter gets the homecoming of a long-lost son, but Luka almost dies and his return merits banter no more emotional than "Oh, hey, dude, did you get new pants?" Maybe it's because I think Luka is a hot piece of ass, but I don't think that treatment is entirely equitable. Kem hangs back a little, almost as if she's shy, or just letting Carter have his moment. Frank bows a little toward Kem and gently asks, "And who's this lovely lady?" Carter replies, "This is Kem Likasu. She's visiting from the Congo." The smiles that greet this remark make it obvious that they assume "visiting from" means "shagging me in," and "Congo" means...well, "Congo," actually. "It's good to meet you all," Kem says. Carter shares that she's got an appointment with someone in OB. "Second trimester," he says. Kem rests her head cutely against Carter's chest. Everyone exclaims delightedly over the pregnancy.

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