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Touch And Go

Meanwhile, we shouldn't gloss over this momentous occasion: Malarkey said something correct. I've no idea what it was, but Carter replied to it, "EXCELLENT, Malarkey!" And that's how I know it happened. I'm still wondering why they didn't pony up the cash to keep Coop, who was compelling and not annoying, but I guess both those things are anathema to TPTB, so it makes sense on that level, at least. Carter exposits to Luka that Kem was setting up the anti-retroviral therapy in Kinshasa -- which, presumably, Luka already knew. Larry asks what happened to his son. "He's in good hands," Luka says. Fucking Allstate, those ambulance-chasing bastards. Luka asks if they should call his wife, but like all good Tertiary Medical Stories Of The Week, Larry doesn't have a wife, because she's dead. This means one of two things: (a) Larry or Martin will die, or (b) Larry or Martin will come to some kind of tragic harm. Those are the rules. There always has to be a sad solitary figure with a dead spouse/mother and a newly fucked-up child/remaining parent. That's just how it is. Carter swings it back to himself: "Did you ever meet [Kem]?" he asks. "Nope. Must've gotten past me," Luka says lightly, shooting a "Yep, I am a man-whore" smirk at Carter, who meets Luka's joke with a knowing smile. They so can't wait to have have a roll in the Reunited And It Feels Good hay.

Luka yells for an ultrasound, and the machine appears and is handed to Carter. "It's good to be home," Carter grins. Sam bursts in and asks for help, so Carter hands off the ultrasound and follows Sam into Trauma Yellow. There, Martin's being propped up carefully. Pratt shows Carter the x-rays, and Carter immediately notices the ankylosing whatever condition, making it twice now that Pratt's been informed as to the problem with the kid's bones. "Unusual to have a degenerative bone disease at his age," Neela says. "It's like juvenile arthritis," Pratt says. "Weakens the spine." Lester's there, too. I guess that's not important. I just thought I'd mention it. Martin decides to crack a joke: "It sucks living life in bubble wrap." Really? I think it sounds a little fun. He probably just hasn't tried hard enough. Lester points out that Martin has a pulmonary contusion and a small pneumo on the right side. Neela -- who now primarily exists to be our medical dictionary -- translates that Martin has a bruise on his lung that is impeding his breathing. "Great. Gives my dad another reason to keep me in the house," rasps Martin with trouble. Carter calls for a bunch of tests, to which Pratt bitterly points out that Luka's always on at them about performing practically zero tests. "What the hell am I supposed to do?" he whines. "Isn't he the Attending?" Sam says pointedly. Frank enters just then and calls Sam away to Alex's school, because the teacher needs to speak with her. She flees as Pratt yells at her to find another nurse. Paging Contrivance: we need you to send Abby to Trauma Yellow.

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