Truth & Consequences

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Truth & Consequences

Outside, Carter asks if Mark is okay. "Peachy," Mark says tersely. Carter tells him, "You were trying to protect the patient, you did the right thing." Mark says Mr. Perez might "feel differently when he wakes up." Carter says, "I was a witness." Kerry pulls Mark aside, saying they need to talk, and Carter turns and spots Howie sitting by Mr. Sutherland. He goes into check on Howie, who asks after Mr. Perez. "He's gonna be okay," Carter tells him. "But not Mr. Sutherland, huh?" Carter sighs deeply and says he doesn't know. "A lot of kids thought he was a geek," Howie says, "because sometimes he'd mess up the experiments, but I think he did it on purpose, just to make class a little more fun." Carter nods sympathetically as Howie goes on, "He was a really good teacher." After a long pause, Howie asks, "There's still a chance he might recover, right? Like a long shot or something? Like one in a million?" Carter says, "Yeah," but the look on his face says, "Don't count on it." Howie looks like he might cry.

BH approaches Peter and says that he told his father. Peter puts down his paperwork and says, in a more heartfelt manner than Peter usually says these things, "Good for you." Mr. Hearn kicked him out, BH reports, and Peter says that Mr. Hearn might just need "a little time to deal with it," but BH chuckles ruefully (or so the captioning tells me, since I couldn't really hear the dialogue, what with the precipitous and noisy ingress of The Anvil Of Significant Comparisons Between Paternal Situations) and says that Mr. Hearn no longer considers BH his son. Peter says slowly, "I'm sorry." BH shrugs, "At least he knows the truth now. Screw him if he can't handle it." Peter seems genuinely saddened by this, and I wish they'd done more with this storyline.

Lucy breaks the bad news about the detox bed to Art Boy. Art Boy, getting dressed, tells her, "Don't sweat it," and when she says that she can get him into an outpatient program and he needs help, Art Boy snorts, "I need a real job." He says he watched Lucy today, Lucy and all the other doctors and the cops and the paramedics, and they're saving lives while he's "in here for eating paint -- it's pathetic." Lucy tries to get him to stay, but he says that he doesn't need a shrink to tell him he needs to get his act together. "I'll see you around, Lucy," he says as he takes off. Good for you for getting over yourself, Art Boy. Now if you wouldn't mind, Carter needs to borrow that stepladder. Anyhow, Dave barges up to Lucy and asks her to speak to one of his patients. Lucy speaks the magic words -- "go away, Dave" -- and says she doesn't want any more patients, but Dave begs her to speak to Quinn; he explains the situation and adds that "nothing I say seems to be the right thing." Lucy looks at him and says all sarcastically, "Really." Heh.

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