Truth & Consequences

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Truth & Consequences

Parking garage. Hawkeye thinks his car got stolen because he can't find it, and he jokes feebly to Kerry about it until she points out gently that he's on a different level than he thought. Alzheimer's sufferers can't read? More weak jokes from Hawkeye about forgetting his head if it weren't attached. Instead of going to the correct level, he continues to wander vaguely about. Kerry, concerned, offers to help him find his car, but he says not to bother and he'll see her tomorrow. As soon as she turns away, Hawkeye looks quietly terrified and strikes out in another direction; Kerry pauses and watches him go, and she looks puzzled. I don't think they've handled this plot particularly well either, but I'll give Alan Alda snaps for doing a fine job as a man who sees what's happening to him and can't deal with it. Fade to black.

Next week, Hawkeye's marbles continue to get lost, and Jeanie blows the County General pop stand.

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