Truth & Consequences

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Truth & Consequences

Meanwhile, at the desk, Dave asks Hawkeye if he knows what happened to Kerry's leg. Hawkeye doesn't know. He wants to know why Dave wants to know. Dave shrugs, "Just curious." Dave turns to look at Randi, who smirks, "Don't look at me -- ask Carter, he lived with her." Dave says, "Really," and Randi says, "Mm hmm."

Cut to Carol "Sanctimommy" Hathaway quizzing Meg about her eating and sleeping habits. Meg, eager to please, reports that she "even gave up caffeine." She apologizes for the cafeteria-job fiasco and says she got another job and gave Carol's name as a reference; she goes on to say that she told her boss she'd known Carol for a couple of years. Carol examines Meg's eyes and doesn't respond, and when Meg asks if there's something wrong with her eyes, Carol asks in her crispest I-will-catch-you-in-a-lie-and-then-act-all-smug-about-it-later voice, "Are you taking any medications?" Meg says all shiftily, "Just, um, pre-natal vitamins?" Carol says, "Good," then tells Meg she'll come back, and Meg smiles nervously.

Out in the hall, Carol waddles along holding her back with one hand and Meg's urine sample with the other. Haleh offers to spell her, and Carol gratefully accepts the offer; Mark approaches, and Carol complains to him about her swollen ankles and threatens to "wrap them in duct tape," an idea Mark doesn't recommend. Mark goes to meet Doris, who is wheeling in a car-accident victim, a kid with cystic fibrosis, who reports that "it hurts to breathe," and Carol waddles after them wearily.

Jeanie, on the phone to Reggie about Carlos. After she hangs up, Kerry asks her about some blood work, and when she doesn't answer right away, Kerry notes that Jeanie seems "a little distracted." Jeanie mentions that Carlos is still a bit sick, and that Reggie "is still getting used to the dad routine." Kerry suggests calling, and Jeanie says she did, and "everything's fine -- I just hate being away from him," thus setting in motion The Iron Skillet Of Impending Departure.

Peter "Big" Benton strides into the trauma room and helps Mark with the CF kid. Mark asks the kid when he was last hospitalized for CF, and the kid gasps, "About a year ago," and yelps in pain when Peter massages his abdomen. Mark orders tests; Peter orders more tests and tells Carol to call up to the OR. In the background, we see Carol bend over and hold her womb, and after a moment she groans, "Oh!" Mark asks after her, and she says, "I think I'm having a contraction," but it passes, and she muses that "it must have been a Braxton-Hicks [a painless uterine contraction that occurs with increasing frequency during gestation]." Mark orders her to go sit down, and says that if she has another contraction, she's "going on a monitor."

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