Truth & Consequences

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Truth & Consequences

In the hall, Dr. Myers glances at his notes. Carol speed-waddles up behind him and flags him down, asking him if Meg can get a bed. Dr. Myers says he just gave away his last bed. Carol reiterates that her patient is pregnant. Dr. Myers suggests an outpatient program, and Carol suggests that maybe the guy he just gave the bed to could do the outpatient program, because "we're talking about the welfare of an unborn child here." Convinced by the halo of saintly light that has sprung up around Carol's head, Dr. Myers agrees to see Meg.

Peter wants to talk to Brother Hearn privately. BH asks if something is wrong with Ben, and Peter says no, Ben will be fine, but when he screened BH's blood, he tested . . . "HIV positive," BH finishes for him. "You should have told me," Peter says quietly, and after a long pause, BH says, "I didn't know for sure, until now." Peter says awkwardly, "Well, I -- I'm sorry," and BH says he should have known this would happen sooner or later, and when Peter asks if he didn't practice safe sex, BH says with a bleak chuckle, "Apparently not." Peter offers to direct BH to a clinic to start treatment as soon as possible, and BH worries that Peter will tell his parents, and Peter says that's up to BH, but that "family support is very important with HIV." "'Support'? Are you kidding?" BH snorts. Apparently, Mr. Hearn is a virulent homophobe, and when BH tried to come out to his father in a roundabout way, Mr. Hearn made bigoted comments. Peter says again that it would help BH's treatment "if your family knew the truth." BH says, "No. Forget it. Every family has their secrets anyway, right?" Peter looks disappointed.

Carol asks Hawkeye if he can see a patient. He tells her to ask Carter so that he can finish charts. Lucy comes up behind Carol and snipes, "You took my spot." "What?" Carol says. "My patient's detox spot," Lucy reminds her, and Carol says amiably that Dr. Myers said Lucy's patient could go into an outpatient program; Lucy grouses, "Yeah, after you convinced him." Carol plays the pregnancy card. Lucy plays the "you can't do that, you're a nurse" card, and Carol sneers, "[And] you're a what? You're a med student!" She takes a deep breath and goes on to apologize and say that Art Boy will get the next bed, and Lucy snaps, "That's easy for you to say, you got the bed." Strictly speaking, Carol's right, but her sanctimonious attitude has really got to go.

In the lounge, Mark asks Kerry what happened with Hawkeye's "meltdown in the trauma room," a description Kerry calls "a little melodramatic, don't you think?" Mark makes "whatever" noises. Kerry points out that other doctors have lost their tempers "in the heat of the moment" before; Mark asks snidely, "Over a lavage kit?" Kerry, who would never miss a chance to point out how long Hawkeye has practiced emergency medicine, admits that after thirty years Hawkeye is "set in his ways" and resistant to the newer equipment. Instead of confronting the issue directly, Mark busts out the passive aggression with, "I know you two are close . . ." but Kerry cuts to the chase: "What are you trying to say, Mark?" With a wimpy clear of his throat, Mark observes that "he's acting a little strange. I don't think he's setting a very good example." Kerry responds, "Yeah, he's eccentric. He's also one of the best doctors I've ever worked with." Mark answers this dig by telling Kerry not to get defensive, and she snaps, "I'm not," although, clearly, she is, and she continues, "You don't like that I hired Gabe, but I did, so deal with it." Although Kerry's got a point, I wish she'd made it three weeks ago when Mark was tagging crash carts with his own urine instead of waiting until Hawkeye began exhibiting obvious signs of senile dementia, but whatever.

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