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Try Carter

Okay. I really want to side with Elizabeth on this, because Weaver's so smarmy. But honestly, what was wrong with Dubenko? He only got snippy and superior with them after Carter and Elizabeth challenged his judgment in front of a patient and looked at him like he was a moron. In my opinion he was kind of right to be annoyed. So basically, the only reason Elizabeth doen't like him is because he can do a bunch of big stuff with a small scope, and she can't. Ugh. So irritating. I mean, I know Lizzie's been a bitch before, but her motives have to be really clear for what she does later, and this is just some petty personal shit she could've swept under the rug.

Carter flags down Dubenko -- who also calls GSW Guy the "brain-dead biker," which gave me another second of pause -- and explains to him the transplant situation. Dubenko accurately points out that it is illegal to harvest the HIV-infected organ and hand it off, even if the recipient is also HIV-positive. Then Dubenko catches a whiff of the stink bomb. This comically embarrasses Carter. "They warned me about this place," Dubenko says. "They weren't kidding." No, sir. No, they were not.

Carter can't seem to believe that a little matter like the law is stopping Dubenko, so he runs to find Corday and tattles that Dubenko won't take his case. "What, too mundane for our new superstar?" Lizzie says rudely. Oh, God, stop it, Lizzie -- she's so petty that if she put on a jacket, Little Bo Peep would try to don her under her shepherdess's dress. Carter sheepishly says it's more an issue of the operation being a tad illegal. "Oh, so he's cowardly and cocky," Lizzie sniffs. "You know, he's a perfect complement to Weaver's treachery and ambition." Then she tells Carter to suck it up and deal, because if she has to, then so does the world.

Luka leaves Howard with the strangulation case, and he and Sam begin to talk until they spot Alex hanging around nearby. "You're supposed to be at your game," scolds Sam. "Did Dad call?" Alex asks hopefuly. "No," Sam says. Well, allegedly he doesn't know you're back in Chicago, Sam. I mean, I know that's Steve's M.O., but she did just up and leave, so why would Steve think she'd turn around and come back? Unless when they ran away, Steve had already left to pick up his stuff in Dallas, in which case, Sam's acting like Steve fled again like all the other times must mean she assumed he was just lying and it was an excuse to run -- which leads to the question, why did she then run away? This show needs to get its hackeneyed stories straight. Luka offers to take Alex to his game, since he's off in a few minutes. Sam thanks him.

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